This vertical coat rack by IKEA is the ultimate solution for your space constraint woes

One problem that never seems to leave us, especially f you’re living in a major city – is the lack of space. If you’re an independent millennial who recently moved out of their family home and into their own, then a major issue that you may be dealing with almost every day…is space constraint in your own home. Our modern millennial homes have many virtues, but one thing they lack is space. Space constraint is something most of us end up dealing with every day. Smart storage solutions can be lifesavers in such tricky and compact situations. And one such smart storage solution I’ve come across is the PLOGA rack by IKEA.

Designer: IKEA

Functioning as a coat rack, the PLOGA rack is a great option for your entryway, if you’re facing the woe of space constraints. What makes the wall-mounted coat rack quite intriguing is the fact that it features vertical hooks! The hooks are adjustable and placed vertically on the rack. You can slide them from left to right, creating a flexible form that can be changed whenever. This provides more space to store your items, ensuring that they aren’t layered on top of one another.

The modular rack can be placed in any room of your home – the entryway, bedroom, or even your closet. It’s a simple and minimal piece of furniture that can be used to store a variety of items, from your coats to scarves, ties, purses and etc. Its versatility and modularity make it an excellent addition to your living space.

Some people may find the PLOGA’s vertical design a bit limiting, and the fact that it is wall-mounted, but with the right planning, and the perfect position to hang it on – it could turn out to be really handy. IKEA maintains its usual Scandinavian-inspired aesthetics and classic appearance in the PLOGA design, allowing it to harmoniously merge with the interiors of your home.