This ergonomic chaise longue chair is a piece of sustainable, slow furniture

The 4PM is a wooden chaise longue chair from Massproductions built to be ergonomic using a sustainable production process.

Massproductions is a slow furniture company, don’t let the name fool you. Since the furniture company only develops a few pieces every year, the ones that go into production guarantee a top-quality build and durable life span. Boasting an efficient, sustainable, and high-quality industrial production process, the company’s designers ensure the integrity of Massproductions’s vision. The company’s founder, Chris Martin, developed the 4PM Chaise Longue Chair to reinforce the company’s commitment to quality and produce an ergonomic, long-lasting chair for much-needed R&R.

Designer: Massproductions

From the design process to the production process and even shipping, Massproductions aims to maintain as small a carbon footprint as possible. To achieve this, Massproductions worked with KTH Royal Institute of Technology to identify the aspect of their production process that generated the most greenhouse gas emissions. Since then, Massproductions partnered with the Danish company MALBAR the entirely “green-ify” their product line.

Throughout its production process, the designers kept the materials needed to build the 4PM Chaise Longue Chair to a minimum. Comprised of flat and curved features, the 4PM Chaise Longue Chair is designed to create comfort out of hard material.

Constructed in either Douglas fir or cherry wood, the only upholstered component of the 4PM Chaise Longue Chair is the leather headrest. Balanced on top of the backrest, Massproductions held the headrest in place with a steel weight.

Martin initially felt inspired to design the 4PM Chaise Longue Chair in response to the past two years that had us all holed up in our homes, at times without fully functional and comfortable furniture pieces of our own. Speaking to this, Martin notes,

“A chaise longue is not really a piece of furniture you will ever need, but if you can afford it, it can gild everyday life…because a chaise longue takes up a lot of space in relation to its function. That’s probably why you do not see them so often in our homes. But now that we’ve been through two tough years, it’s time to sit back for some well-deserved rest. That is why we are launching 4PM”