Transforming electric bike goes from a performance ride to cargo carrier in a jiffy

Urban mobility of the future is majorly going to rely on electric two-wheelers with the freedom of shape-shifting aesthetics. The TRISO Electric Motorcycle is a good example of this longing for an adaptable commuter that is good for any life scenario.

The transforming electric bike is targeted towards the younger lot, generally aged 20 -30 who want to showcase their passion for driving while being considerate to the planet. TRISO has got three riding modes – Eco, Road and Explore – each one leveraging a different shape and riding aesthetics. The switch happens in a matter of seconds, thereby, perfect for any real-time requirements.

Designer: Laurence LAI and 羅 靖軒

Transformation of the bike is perfectly in sync with the shape-changing fabric for a seamless transition. So, the bike goes from a shopping mode in the city superstore to a sports racer without anyone ever noticing. The storage mode is really useful when the need arises, and when not required; retracts back for a slimmer, muscular profile that’ll appeal to the younger lot. The space can be used to store backpacks, helmets, or medium-sized luggage too. High riding position means, it can be taken for a spin on the dirt trails, and agility can be a real trait pro riders can explore.

The 100 percent zero-emission bike gets a simple geometric shape for user-friendly aesthetics which aids in aerodynamic drag reduction too. In the performance mode, it can go up to a top speed of 75 km/h, electronically limited for driving safety. The power delivery of 10kW (14 hp) has enough thump to satiate one’s desire for speed. In the mixed city driving mode, TRISO has a range of 130 km.

The current speed and the battery range are displayed on the cool HUD which is quite unique in its own right. A lot of work has been put into the color combination which really elevates the futuristic feel of the ride. Those cool orange and grey hues mixed with the white on the body frame have absolutely got me drooling over.