This hubless e-bike perfectly balances an artist’s brush stroke with sleek aerodynamic design

BaoPham Design’s aerodynamic e-bike is something straight out of the cyberworld of Tron.

Bicycle design concepts have a way of transporting us to our favorite sci-fi flick or parallel universe where everyone hovers instead of pedals. Whether the year is 2140 and we’re zooming through the neon streets of Tokyo to catch up to the corrupt corporate villain or fighting zombies on an electric mountain bike deep in the woods of Georgia, there’s a bike concept to fit the bill. Product designer and 3D visualizer, BaoPham Design recently unveiled their plans for an aerodynamic e-bicycle destined to hit the streets of tomorrow.

The e-bike concept from BaoPham Design features centerless wheels that reduce the rotating inertia found in heavier wheels. Equipped with slim road bike tires, BaoPham’s concept e-bike boasts an aerodynamic build that cuts out the extra drag from air pressure and skin friction to give the bike a speedy ride. Conceptualized with a swift, Z-frame, the e-bike concept from BaoPham Design would host an electric motor located in the bike’s rear-wheel rotor that would be activated once the pedals are moved.

The Z-frame of BaoPham Design’s e-bike would be constructed entirely from metal or aluminum for a sleek look and swift ride. Additionally, the hubless wheels of BaoPham Design’s e-bike reduce the rotating inertia found in wheels with spokes and a hub. The aero bike seems to be rendered in an entirely metallic or aluminum body, including everything from the handlebars to the paper-thin pedals.

3D modeled with Shapr3D and rendered in the KeyShot app, BaoPham Design imagined an aerodynamic electric city bike that enhances the bike’s essential parts and moves past the bulky components of yesterday. While it’s currently only a concept, BaoPham Design’s e-bike might not be hitting the streets anytime soon, it’s not hard to imagine a future cyber world filled with these slick aero bikes pelting down city streets and weaving through traffic.

Designer: BaoPham Design