Top 10 Desk accessories gift guide designed to maximise the productivity of your work setup

We humans sit on a spectrum going from fans of minimalism to lovers of maximalism. Some people get their sense of zen from having decluttered spaces, others gain their sense of personal belonging from decorating their space with things that define who they are. We’re here to say that we support both forms of individualism! Whether you love the idea of Scandinavian Minimalism or workspaces filled with objects near and dear to you, you’re going to absolutely love this selection of nifty desktop accessories! The list includes minimally-driven desktop organizers and tabletop toys, productivity tools like reusable notebooks and brain-stimulating fidget objects, as well as some rather fascinating picks like a stainless steel puzzle that is deeply engaging and a keyboard used by the influencers of the tech world. Take a look at the selection below… you won’t be disappointed!

1. Levitating Pen 2.0

Forget about writing in zero-gravity, this pen is designed to challenge our traditional ideas about pens and their behavior. Seemingly suspended in its holder at a 23.5 degree angle, the Levitating Pen itself is a grand writing instrument. The pen holds a Schmidt ballpoint cartridge, with its ridged design making the pen easy to hold when in use. When done writing, you close the pen’s magnetic cap with a satisfying click and position the pen in its holder that has been magnetized to keep the pen floating in that position. To add to the fun, a simple twist leaves the pen spinning in its place for a good 20 seconds, allowing you to interact with the pen on a whole new level!

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2. NOOE Config 01

NOOE’s tabletop gear does a pretty remarkable job of using minimalism to ‘spark joy’ and get you excited about working. The 5-piece workspace kit, known as Config 01, features a laptop stand, mobile stand, stationery organizer, wire organizer, and a ‘desk rug’ for your keyboard and wrists. All the products are sustainably built using only walnut wood, anodized aluminum, and vegan suede. As a result, NOOE’s Config 01 collection looks like a Nordic-inspired visually cohesive set of productivity-enhancing tools that boost your focus while keeping your desk clean, minimalist, and just drop-dead gorgeous! The laptop and mobile stand elevate your gadgets at the perfect height and angle, with bent aluminum sheet supports and wood-block bases. They’re complimented perfectly by the stationery organizer and ‘wire governor’ which help you declutter your desk while displaying your pens and pencils, and keeping wires accessible yet hidden from view. Finally, the desk rug, made from vegan suede, provides the perfect tactile touch to the experience, keeping your wrists cushioned while preventing your keyboard and/or mouse from scuffing your table’s finish! The only work setup company to win a Red Dot Award, all of NOOE’s products are made in small batches to reduce waste, and are designed to be recyclable.

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3. The Tetra Puzzle

Craighill’s puzzles make playing Wordle and Newton’s cradles look like yesterday’s news… With the remarkable all-metal design and their sheer geometric wizardry, Craighill makes some of the most sophisticated tabletop toys that stimulate the senses and the mind. The Tetra, for instance, is a tetrahedral puzzle made using four identical interlocking stainless steel pieces. You’d think it looks pretty straightforward, but pick it up and fidget with it and you’ll realize how far from ‘easy and intuitive’ it actually is. Fidgeting with, disassembling, and reassembling the Tetra requires a fair deal of focus and attention, as well as a probing, exploratory mindset. “It pushes your boundaries — if only a little bit — and invites you to learn something new”, say the makers at Craighill. The Tetra comes in two variants – brushed stainless steel and a PVD-coated black. It’s designed to last a lifetime and provide endless hours of meditative peace and focus while you play with it, and joy while you watch others try and figure out the magic behind its assembly!

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4. Keychron K8 Pro

An ergonomic wireless keyboard with the soul of a gaming keyboard, the flagship Keychron K8 Pro boasts a uniquely comfortable and intuitive typing experience. The K8 Pro sports double-shot PBT keycaps that wonderfully guide the fingers, and a specially-crafted internal design featuring a layer of sound-absorbing foam and a silicon pad that help cushion the keycaps as you type to create just the right kind of ASMR-worthy clicking sound. The keyboard comes with QMK and VIA support right out of the box (which means you can reconfigure the keystrokes to suit your personal needs), and Bluetooth 5.1 that allows it to connect to as many as 3 devices together and swap between them (with native support for Windows, Mac, Android, and even iOS devices). For the avid gamer, each Keychron K8 Pro comes with customizable south-facing RGB lights that illuminate your board. You’ve even got the ability to use the wireless device in wired mode (to eliminate lag), as well as the possibility to easily hot-swap every key with almost any 3-pin/5-pin MX-style mechanical switch. The K8 Pro comes with an ergonomic, finger-loving design that can be height-adjusted to positions, and an impressivel 4000mAh internal battery that gives it 100 hours of use (depending on the RGB backlight brightness and flashing pattern). Go ahead and add this one to cart… MKBHD, Unbox Therapy, and Dave2D did!

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5. The Limbo

You may recognize the LIMBO’s classic shape from that final fleeting scene in Inception, but here’s something that’ll surprise you – this top pretty much defies reality with its ability to spin for more than 4 hours continuously! In 2018 LIMBO’s team set a new Guinness World Record for spinning continuously for more than 27 hours, the LIMBO Top is a fidget toy that’ll warp your brain and make you wonder whether you’re in a dream. Magical spoiler alert: LIMBO’s secret is a silent hidden motor, powered by a rechargeable 3.7V battery controlled by an accelerometer. When LIMBO spins, the motor provides the right amount of angular momentum to keep the top spinning for hours without submitting to the powers of friction. Each top comes with a precisely machined design featuring a stainless steel base that allows the top to spin smoothly on any flat, polished surface. The top itself comes in both machined aluminum and titanium variants, and even though the LIMBO can spin on any flat surface, you can even grab a special disc-shaped base for your top to spin endlessly on, while you ask yourself if you’re stuck in a dream!

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6. Quick Access Organizer

The Revov Tray Box is the ultimate organizer to keep your desk effortlessly tidy and clutter-free! If you’re someone who is always falling prey to a cluttered desk or losing your precious stationery or tech accessories then this tray box is the product for you. It makes organizing your everyday tools as effortless as possible. The lid has sections machined to fit objects of a particular size. This makes it easier to know what to put there, so you won’t have to waste precious time making that decision every time. Pretty soon, it will be second nature to put your glasses, AirPods case or keys in those sections, so they won’t have to end up lost in uncharted territory ever again. Interestingly, the lid actually floats a little above the lip of the box, which is positioned in place with the help of strong magnets. You simply need to give a slight push to swing the cover away or to put it back into place.

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7. Stilform INK Fountain Pen

The award-winning stilform INK pen is celebrated as the most successful fountain pen in crowdfunding history! And it is back in its minimal, delightful glory with a few tiny tweaks to upgrade it. Featuring its signature cylindrical style, with two flat edges running length-wise to prevent it from rolling, and of course, its iconic magnetic cap, the stilform INK is the fountain pen to end all other pens. The clever magnetic cap subtly self-aligns as it snaps to the pen, owing to the multiple hidden neodymium magnets, that ensure the cap fits perfectly. Built from machined titanium, the pen doesn’t use any glue or plastic in its construction. In fact, its titanium body boasts an added Diamond-like Carbon Coating to make its surface finish completely scratch-proof! Each stilform INK pen comes impeccably crafted and assembled in Germany, in a variety of anodized colors for the aluminum variant and in DLC black for the titanium variant. Designed to be the best version of a pen, Stilform enthralls with its simplicity.

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8. Analog Productivity System

In an era where distraction has become the norm, Analog promises to help you focus and get more productive. Analog is a physical companion for all your digital tools, and as its name signifies, it makes productivity ‘analog’ and simplified. It helps you prioritize and focus on the most important tasks at hand while eliminating the need to keep checking your phone and getting engulfed by a vortex of endless notifications. You basically physically copy down your tasks, providing yourself with a tangible, and distraction-free view of what you need to get done for the day. You can easily customize and tailor the system according to your working style. Once you’re done noting down your tasks for the day (Today), for the next few months (Next), or for the rest of the year (Someday), you can smoothly slide the cards into a wooden holder.  You can always move the unfinished tasks for the day into the Next section, and prioritize them for tomorrow without any guilt!

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9. Coin Bank

If you’ve ever grappled with the dilemma of having and storing loose coins, the organizers are usually functional, until now! This humble coin bank comes with a uniquely sloped top to ensure the coins fall right into the hole, making it as easy as just dropping the coins and watching them slide in. When it’s time to collect those coins, swivel out the magnetic lid to easily access your change. The wooden lid provides a warm compliment to your desk. Use this to store any tiny product lying around your desk while clearing out the clutter ever-present on our desks!

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10. Rocketbook

Designed by Rocketbook, the Rocketbook Pro is meant to be the last notebook you’ll ever need! The reusable notebook promises to be the upscale high-end notetaking companion you’ve been looking for. The Rocketbook Pro boasts modular ‘Page Packs’ that can be swapped out using a magnetic spine. This system allows you to access different kinds of pages – lined, dot-grid, and a combo of both, as and when you like. Equipped with a premium, scratch-resistant hard cover, a lay flat design and a Pilot FriXion pen, the Rocketbook is ready to organise your workspace. The Rocketbook Pro’s patented technology enables you to erase all your notes with a little water. The notebook also comes along with a companion app. An embedded NFC chip automatically opens the app and lets you scan your notes, and transfer them to the cloud destination of your choice – whether it’s a client’s email address, Google Drive or Slack.

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