This smart tea pot can read your mood to make the perfect brew

Many people swear by coffee to get through the day, but there is also quite a good number that prefer the variety of teas to get their fix. Just like with different coffee beans, different tea leaves have different personalities; that is, they have different brewing requirements like time and temperature. Further complicating things is the fact that tea can give you different experiences depending on when you drink them or your mood at that time. Considering these different factors can make brewing tea sound almost impossible for mere mortals. Thankfully, that conundrum is a thing of the past with this connected tea pot that looks just as good as the brews it makes.

Designer: Hiroaki Nishimura

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The art of brewing tea goes back centuries, but just like coffee, it has been commercialized and diluted down into cheap teabags. Even without considering the rituals involved, brewing tea is almost like a precise art that varies depending on the type of tea leaves being used. Some require a longer steeping time at lower temperatures, while others are best at a high temperature and for a brief period only. That’s not much of a problem if you stick to one kind, but tea lovers who crave and enjoy variety will have to keep in mind those different requirements.

Fortunately, we can now rely on technology to take the drudgery out of a process that should be calming and relaxing. Rather than memorize the different conditions for different leaves, the Teplo connected tea pot memorizes those for you. A simple tap on the smartphone app will set the precise time and temperature for the tea leaves you place inside the infuser. This insightful tea brewer, however, can do more than that and can even adjust those brewing factors to match your mood, the time of day, or the surrounding conditions.

You might, for example, prefer a stronger dose of caffeine in the morning, or maybe you want a bit of sweetness when you’re almost out of energy in the afternoon. Changing the temperature can result in these different teas, even using the exact same tea leaves. This seemingly magical feat is actually the result of advanced technology, combining data from different sensors to paint a holistic picture of your mood. In addition to detecting room temperature, humidity, brightness, and noise, a fingerprint sensor on the base can also read your heart rate and body temperature, allowing the tea pot to adjust the temperature and time to create a personalized brew each and every time.

This innovative tea pot isn’t just smart, it’s also a handsome appliance that’s perfect for your kitchen countertop or table. Inspired by the last “golden drop” of tea, the pot’s unique and beautiful infuser automatically rotates to submerge the tea leaves for the optimal brewing time and then rotates again to prevent over-steeping. Whether you’re waiting for your caffeine fix for the day, winding down after a long day at work, or simply looking to relax and chill, this intelligent tea maker will serve you the perfect cup of tea to fit your mood.

Click Here to Buy Now: $329