The 1MORE EVO TWS Earbuds have ANC and audio quality so superior, your AirPods Pro will feel subpar

Running on the high-end audiophile-level LDAC codec, with 45 decibels of Active Noise Canceling, multiple studio-grade EQ presets, and 3 mics in each earphone to cancel out background noise while on calls, the 1MORE EVO was built to be an absolute beast. These tiny yet superior TWS earbuds tick all the right boxes while boasting a price tag of just $169.

Designer: Eric Sun

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Every TWS earbud has its own set of pros and cons. The AirPods, the most popular TWS earbuds ever made, have two significant cons – their price, and walled garden. The Sony WF-1000XM4 don’t have great battery life and can’t wirelessly charge. It seems like the 1MORE EVO has no such shortcoming – built with a 10mm dynamic driver sitting on a balanced armature, and running on the high-end LDAC codec that can provide 3x more detail than most Bluetooth codecs, the 1MORE EVO packs a punch in the audio department. It comes with adaptive ANC and dual-mode transparency that lets you either tune the world out (drowning out the noise of people talking, babies screaming, cars honking), or bring voices into focus (so you can hear voices of people talking to you without the extra noise)… features that I’ve yet to see in TWS earbuds in the below-$200 category.

Wireless Audiophile Sound – Adopting a hybrid acoustic solution of a 10mm diamond-like-carbon dynamic driver and a balanced armature, the 1MORE EVO noise canceling earbuds replicate the studio sound quality that musicians and sound engineers strive for.

LDAC Technology – The technology can transmit approximately three times more data (at the maximum transfer rate of 990 kbps) than standard Bluetooth codecs, fully delivering every fine detail in the song to your ears.

QuietMax Active Noise Cancellation – Allows the earbuds to automatically adjust the noise cancellation level (up to 42dB) to fit your ever-changing environments, bringing you the most immersive audio experience.

The 1MORE EVO sport a rather classy, compact design punctuated by replaceable silicone ear-tips that make them direct competitors of the AirPods Pro. They sit snugly in your ear, without easily falling out, and are equipped with IPX4 water resistance, making them impervious to sweat, and perfect to wear while exercising. The minimally designed earbuds come with smooth ceramic panels on the exterior that register taps and swipes, allowing you to cycle through music, increase/decrease volume, summon your phone’s voice assistant, and answer and reject calls. As far as calls go, the 1MORE EVO’s 3-mic array perform complex feedback (and ‘feedfront’) cancelation along with vocal enhancement, so even if you’re in a noisy subway, you can speak to people clearly without noise drowning you out.

Rather aptly named the 1MORE EVO, the earbuds keep surprising with their own ‘one more thing’ moments. Built for audiophiles, the earbuds come with up to 12 studio-worthy EQ presets to let you customize your sound and even have support for SoundID, an AI-driven sound test backed by multiple Grammy-winning sound engineers and music studios. SoundID lets you easily and intuitively customize your earbuds’ audio to match your preferences. No figuring out EQs and playing with fancy knobs and sliders. Just answer a few simple questions and SoundID calibrates the audio to your requirement, giving you the high-quality audio you’d probably miss from other high-end TWS earbuds.

The 1MORE EVO comes in a choice between black or white, with a battery life of 28 hours with the charging case (or 20 hours with ANC on). The case charges wirelessly too, ticking yet another box for the already pretty accomplished pair of TWS Earbuds. You can grab a pair using the link below, and they’ll ship to you with a 1-year global warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $122 $169 (28% off with coupon code “YANKODESIGN). Hurry, offer October 13th!