Top 10 Star Wars-Inspired Designs To Gear Up For The 4th Of May In True Jedi Style

It’s one hell of a day – it is the 4th of May. Every year the 4th of May is a pretty special day for Star Wars fans as it is celebrated as Star Wars Day! It is a widely celebrated and much loved day by nerds, sci-fi fans, and movie buffs in honor of the iconic series. This exciting day lets you nerd out, show off your love for the Star Wars series, and most importantly bring out your favorite movie-based merchandise. And if you’re looking for a a few cool Star Wars merchandise to celebrate this day with, well we’re here for you. This collection includes some super cool Star Wars-inspired product design that will have the hearts of Star Wars freaks thumping! These items boast innovative designs that resonate with the passionate fanbase, capturing the essence of the legendary franchise. May the Fourth be with you!

1. Star Wars Timepieces

These stunning imaginary timepieces are designed by our Editor-In-Chief Sarang Sheth, and they draw inspiration from the characters of the Star Wars Saga. The pieces were designed on MidJourney’s AI art generator to celebrate the 4th of May, which is celebrated as Star Wars Day. The first timepiece is a tribute to the Storm Trooper, and it features a cloudy transparency and ceramic surface. There is even one dedicated to Darth Vader, and it has been adorned with the Sith lord’s iconic helmet! They perfectly capture the different characters and their trademark characteristics. The timepieces include variety – they range from a wristwatch to a pocket watch and even a table clock!

2. BM1

Dubbed the BM1, this super cool mouse is inspired by the Lambda-class T-4A Shuttle from Star Wars. This unique ergonomic mouse features an innovative design while celebrating one of the greatest cinematic movies of all time! Inspired by the saga’s iconic vessel, the mouse features sleek contours and an impressive resemblance to the Imperial Shuttle. The left and right clicks remind you of the cannons that are placed on the front of the Imperial Lambda. The inventive mouse provides gamers with an immersive experience, similar to piloting a starfighter.

3. R2D2

LEGO launched a 1050-brick version of R2D2 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Star Wars. It is a 1050-brick version of R2D2 – the popular droid who is seen in multiple Star Wars adventures. The droid is much loved and is making a phenomenal return in this brick-built form but in a compact and tinier version than the 2214-brick version from three years ago. The impressive little build is created for younger galactic lovers aged nine and above.

4. A30 Wireless Gaming Headset The Mandalorian Edition

Designed by Logitech G in partnership with Lucasfilm, this headset is called the “A30 Wireless Gaming Headset The Mandalorian Edition”. It is designed to be an amazing collector’s item for Star Wars fan who can use this cool accessory to stream the latest installment of the series. The Mando-inspired aesthetics will have you drooling. They have a Beskar steel-inspired theme which is a tribute to the galactic roamer who is seeking resurrection. The special edition headphones have a claiming force that creates the right balance, providing a secure and comfy fit.

5. Animal Stormtrooper Helmets

Take a look at these stunning Animal Stormtrooper Helmets by William Kang. The helmets are beautifully fabricated and they are given a rigorous process from sketches to CAD to quick renders, and again sketches to CAD and quick renders. The process continues until the design can be physically construed. The helmet is delicately and intricated detailed, making it shocking to believe that they are renders.

6. Star Wars-Inspired Headphone Stands

These Star Wars-inspired headphone stands are 3D-printed, and they are pretty much to scale. They are created to fit the most standard headphones and even VR headsets. Despite being 3D-printed, the impressive stands have an amazing amount of detail. This is possible because Angled partners with artists and designers to create new variants and models online. The artists produce detailed models which are then approved by the Angled’s team on the basis of proportions, sizing, and their ability to be 3D-printed without any errors. And once the design has been approved by the Angled team, the headphone stand is send to the store, and the artists gets a commission for every sale.

7. Casabò’s SSD

Alex Casabò created his own “really fast sci-fi SSD” by upgrading a traditional SSD and taking it to a whole new level. It is inspired by sci-fi movies like Star Wars, and it depends on flash memory to keep things moving, and to ensure that storage is processed. The device has a futuristic, cyberpunk aesthetic, since the faster speed signifies technological advancements, and it creates a vibe very similar to the sci-fi films we all watched growing up!

8. TIE Advanced X1 Watch Winder

TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder

Kross Studio TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder 3

Meet the TIE Advanced x1 watch winding sculpture which is inspired by the dark universe. It is an excellent piece of art for the hardcore Star Wars fans. It is a spectacular watch winder in solid aluminum glory with an integrated winding engine which ensures the automatic watch is always running even if it is not worn. The watch is more like a dedicated art piece, and it weighs 4kgs and measures 20cm long, 28cm wide, and 17cm high. It is crafted from solid black anodized aluminum.

9. Hoth & Kamino-Inspired Workbench

This Hoth and Kamino-inspired workbench is truly one of a kind! It’ll keep anyone glued to their seat for hours on end. The desk is made out of a salvaged IKEA table, and the workbench features the weathered and rugged look of the dystopian world seen in the saga. This impressive workbench is a tribute to the mystical worlds. It features greeblies on the front edge, a droid power port, and the floating Mandalorian ship. The power strip is artfully hidden in a vertical position, and you can pull it up by turning the mechanism and pushing a button.

10. Conceptual G-Shock Watch

Designed by Vinicius Gasparate, this collectible watch is what lightsabers would look like now! This stunning G-shock watch is a part of the challenge he took at the Vida de Motion School. It perfectly captures G-Shock’s design philosophy, and the sporty and masculine aesthetic that the brand embodies, but at the same time, it pays a lovely tribute to the elements and details of the Star Wars world. This conceptual G-Shock watch balances both themes with grace and power, creating a visually appealing watch that will grab eyeballs.