This self-cleaning litter box is a flipping joy for the humans!

One of the undisputable downsides to having a house-cat is the need for a litter tray and everything that comes with it. The unenviable task of emptying the litter tray is a messy, odor-creating and inconvenient one can make you question the up-sides to being the carer of the fluffy creatures. Fresh Flip is here to change that… as it becomes the first litter box that can clean itself in just a matter of seconds!

The three-step process makes the undesirable process a breeze; simply flip the contents of the box into the strainer, remove the collected waste, and then flip the collected sand back into the litter box… it really is that simple! There are no fragile components, electricity-requiring motors or complex mechanisms to go wrong, just a simple, clever and user-friendly process that works in the real-world! If that wasn’t enough, it also features powerful deodorant that is automatically discharged to mask any unwanted smells… purr-fect!

Designer: Daniel Pearlman for Fresh Flip

Remove the anti tracking plate.

Flip the litter box to filter the cat’s sand.

Remove the strainer to get rid of your cat’s waste.

Flip back the clean litter.