Death Star Popcorn Maker Gives You The Finest Popcorn In The Cosmos Without Butter Or Oil

I guess the exploding Death Star metaphor works well here considering it also explodes kernels of corn.

Meet the Death Star Popcorn Maker, an intergalactic-themed appliance that gets you ready for any movie night in minutes. Designed to look like Darth Vader’s cosmic headquarters, this contraption whips up a bowl of popcorn without relying on a drop of oil or butter. It uses a clever vortex of hot air that super-heats the corn kernels up, making them pop. The air then carries the popped kernels out of the heat chamber, giving you popcorn that’s perfectly cooked without getting burnt… and without any unpopped kernels.

Designer: Uncanny Brands

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Created by the folks at Uncanny Brands, this popcorn maker is perfect for your May 4th ritual of watching every Star Wars movie made (you may require the entire weekend for that program if you commit to it). The Death Star Popcorn Maker comes in two parts, the base of the planet is where the action happens – corn is popped without oil or butter, using pure heated air. Once it’s popped, the corn rises to the top where it collects in a transparent cloche, getting dispensed in the upper half of the Death Star, which conveniently becomes your popcorn bowl!

The air vortex technology is clever for a bunch of reasons. From just a health point of view, the idea of having popcorn without copious amounts of butter or oil just feels less sinful – sure, you can absolutely add butter to your corn after it’s popped. The lack of grease means the Popcorn Maker doesn’t need cleaning up after either – all you need to do is empty out any unpopped kernels. Popcorn pops evenly with a nearly 98% success rate, and the air vortex automatically pushes the popped corn upwards and out into the bowl, so you’re never left with any burnt flavor. You can then easily season your corn with powders and spices of your choice.

When all’s said and done, simply lift the transparent cover and place the popcorn bowl back on top and your popcorn maker magically transforms back into a Death Star replica, looking less like a kitchen appliance and more like fan memorabilia!

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