Layer Design’s state-of-the-art charging station conveniently powers various devices without compromising aesthetics

I like the idea of portable convenience over organized accessibility. For reasons of your own, if you think you’d better have a device delivering an organized desk than a device for the backpack, Vitra Ampi charging station is a state-of-the-art offering for you.

The compact charging station is designed to relieve you of messy, tangling cables yet provide you with enough ports for charging convenience. The device is boxy and may not be the best to carry around in the backpack, but then, it’s primarily fashioned for the working-from-home generation, for which the device checks all the boxes. Complementing the finesse of your home office desk, the Vitra Ampi is designed in collaboration with Vitra and LAYER. Ampi derives its name from ‘amps’ – a unit that denotes the amount of electricity used by a device.

Designer:  Layer Design

The desk accessory has a wireless charging tray on the top. It has a fabric tab protruding out of the side, like a tongue, pulling which a small drawer is revealed, which houses the USB-C and USB-A charging ports and two mains outlets within. The first collaborative product from Vitra and LAYER, the Ampi has been ready for the market after two years of dedicated development. For offering multiple options to charge various devices from one device, the Vitra Ampi is described as the ‘first charging station of its type in the world.’

The discretely designed Ampi features a body made from recyclable plastic. The softly tactile pull tab attached to the middle of the magnetic drawer is made from Kvadrat. For the benefit of the working population that has multiple devices connected at one go on the work desk; Ampi is a viable charging solution. It has the means to juice up to six gadgets, such as tablets, phones, headphones, and cameras, without tangling cables. Ampi is currently available in the UK, EU and the US in Basic Dark and Soft Grey colors for £185 ($199). We learn that it would be provided in five new colors within the next few months.