This Butterfly Machete with a folding design may be the most badass EDC Knife we’ve ever seen

It’s as if Danny Trejo met Donnie Yen…

Say hello to the Gerber DoubleDown, or as I like to call it, the EDC equivalent of your worst enemy. Designed to be perhaps the only folding machete I’ve ever seen, the DoubleDown is equal parts nimble and dangerous. Modeled on the format of a butterfly knife, the DoubleDown scales the knife up to the size of your standard machete, giving you an EDC that can cut, chop, and split wood while looking deviously cool. The knife features a two-part handle with a quad-locking system that gives you all the benefits of a full-size blade for outdoor use, with a compact form factor that shrinks down to half its size when the deed’s done.

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The DoubleDown boasts a lengthy 6.75-inch high-carbon steel blade, surpassing the typical butterfly knife in both length and width. When unfolded, the DoubleDown reaches a total length of 15 inches, rivaling Gerber’s own fixed-blade machete offerings. The magic lies in the folding mechanism. The DoubleDown’s dual-piece handle, reminiscent of a pliers multi-tool, folds securely around the blade for safe and convenient storage. A MOLLE-compatible sheath makes carrying the DoubleDown on your pack a breeze. When deployed, the handle sections rotate a full 180 degrees, locking into place at four points while providing a comfortable, ergonomic grip.

So, is it a folding machete or a supersized butterfly knife? Gerber cleverly calls it a “folding machete hybrid.” The design caters to three key tasks: cutting, chopping, and batoning. The innovative QuadLock system ensures the blade stays securely locked in three different positions, guaranteeing user safety during operation.

For taking on dense jungle or thick mangrove undergrowth, a traditional fixed-blade machete might still be the champion… But for lighter brush clearing and those seeking a more pack-friendly option, the DoubleDown shines. Weighing in at a manageable 18 ounces, this Gerber creation offers a compelling blend of power and portability.

The DoubleDown made its debut in 2020, quickly rising through the ranks as one of Gerber’s most exciting and reliable offerings, and currently comes in 3 colors – green/stainless, black/stainless, and an all-black variant that I assume Batman would use to chop firewood when Alfred’s off duty.

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