The Biggest Food-storage Innovation Since Tupperware

It takes a great mind to invent a product that becomes an indispensable necessity. It takes an even greater mind to make a small alteration to that product and amplify its greatness by ten. The zip-lock bag is a practical essential in homes, in the food industry, in regular packaging, offices, probably even in evidence documentation for law enforcement. It’s truly a remarkable product that is reliable, cheap, and impossible to live without. Take that simple, incredibly versatile zip-lock bag and switch its plastic construction to silicone and that bag becomes even greater. It eliminates the need for plastic, it increases the bag’s lifespan, it allows you to store practically anything in it, it can be infinitely reused, washed in the dishwasher, placed in the microwave, etcetera. If Tupperware completely revolutionized how we stored food in rigid containers, the Silicone Zip Top completely revolutionizes how we store… period.

The flexible design of the Silicone Zip Top comes with a flat base, allowing it to stand on tables and other surfaces, and has the signature zip-to-seal band running across the top. The thick silicone construction and reliable zip/clip mechanism at the top makes it much more secure than regular zip-lock bags, and the fact that it doesn’t come without a lid (which just might get lost) gives it an edge over plastic containers. The platinum silicone used to build the Silicone Zip Top bags make them infinitely reusable, practically indestructible, unstainable too, impervious to heat or cold, dishwashable, and most importantly, food-grade. While you’d probably use plastic zip-lock bags for storing sandwiches, the Silicone Zip Tops can be used to store both liquids and solids, can be kept upright in food-shelves and fridges, can be used with hot and cold items, and is even built to be directly used in the microwave or even the regular oven! Regardless of what you store in it, from tomato soup to coffee powder, to even makeup, silicone is easy to wash, doesn’t stain or smell, and remains food-grade. The zip mechanism on top also ensures an air-tight seal, prolonging the shelf-life of perishable foods like fruits, veggies, or even milk.

The genius of the Silicone Zip Top is in its choice of material as well as its shape. The flat base lets the humble Zip Top replace all your plastic containers and glass jars. Its flexible design allows you to store more, while its availability in 8 different sizes makes it perfect for all your storage needs. Hell, the narrower bags even sit inside the cup-holder in your car! A perfect replacement for those environmentally disastrous single-use bags, cups and containers, each Silicone Zip Top bag can be used for years, decades even… saving you money and making life infinitely easier not just for you, but for the environment too!

Designer: Rebecca Finell

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