This Xbox controller accessory adds extra buttons to the back, upgrading it to an Elite Controller

Casually sitting on the rear of your Xbox controller, the ARMORX Pro gives you a secret set of keys and controls that allow you to execute more efficient gaming maneuvers that put you ahead of the pack. Equipped with 5 functions, 4 remappable buttons, 3 memory profiles, and an internal gyroscope for motion-control, it’s safe to say that the ARMORX Pro gives the Xbox controller a hefty set of upgrades. Yes, it has programmable lights too.

Designer: BIGBIG WON

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Sitting rather covertly on the underside of your controller, the ARMORX Pro really upgrades your regular Xbox Controller into an Elite Wireless Controller. The four extra buttons allow you to access a variety of features and functions and are mappable based on the game you’re playing. The ARMORX Pro also has a built-in gyroscope that gives your gaming quite literally another dimension. To that end, the ARMORX Pro works not just with Xbox consoles (the Xbox Series X/S and One), but with the Switch and Windows platforms too.

The four mappable buttons provide a variety of options, from turbo to macro-level mapping, and the 3 onboard profiles mean you can set the buttons to perform different functions in different games. There’s even an app that lets you control/configure the ARMORX Pro, and program its lighting effects and even motion sensitivity.

The ARMORX Pro comes with its own 1,300 mAh battery that gives you a solid couple of hours of gaming. The controller connects wirelessly thanks to a companion wireless adapter (which lets you use it with the Switch and PC), and a ribbon cable that plugs right into your Xbox controller’s USB-C port.

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