This PS5 Keyboard attachment unlocks new possibilities for players who livestream or chat while gaming

An absolute paradise for Twitch-streamers looking to engage with their audience while playing PS5 titles.

A keyboard on the PS5 makes quite a lot of sense once you think of how much username/email/password typing you have to do when you’re actually not gaming. You could be buying a game, logging into an account, chatting, commenting, or even performing in-game tasks like inputting a player name. Designed to save you the trouble of manually inputting each character with a joystick, this slick keyboard plugs right into your PS5 controller, giving you a full QWERTY layout and a bunch of other useful features that will absolutely upgrade your gameplay.

Designer: Klipdasse

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What really sets this keyboard apart is the fact that it was designed to perfectly complement your PS5 DualSense controller’s design. Made to plug in perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle piece, the wireless keyboard fits snugly in the negative space of your controller, between the palm-rests. In doing so, it gives you a full keyboard right under your thumbs, letting you type as you would on a phone… or more accurately, on a BlackBerry.

The wireless keyboard fits into the DualSense controller by plugging into its lower 3.5mm jack. The keyboard comes with a pretty nifty built-in speaker that feeds off this 3.5mm connection… although if you’ve got a pair of headphones, there’s a jack too, letting you connect your headphones to the PS5 controller via the keyboard. Heck, there’s even a built-in microphone on this thing, allowing you to voice-chat while gaming.

The keyboard itself connects to your PS5 via Bluetooth, giving you a relatively lag-free input that’s absolutely faster than using a joystick to manually select each key on a virtual keyboard. Sadly though, it only works for typing text, and the PS5 doesn’t let you map different controls onto the keys – wouldn’t that be absolutely game-changing, though??

The wireless keyboard attachment comes with its own built-in 500mAh battery and an LED indicator that lets you know your battery level. A USB-C port on the base lets you juice up the keyboard whenever you’re running low on power – although considering most gameplays, chances are you won’t be exclusively using the keyboard all along, and therefore won’t rapidly drain the battery.

Although a relatively lesser-known accessory, the wireless keyboard proves to be an incredibly handy addon when it comes to doing things like logging into your account, searching the online store, and making purchases… and that’s ONLY one aspect of the gaming experience. Having a keyboard just underneath your thumbs can be quite the game-changer for people who do a lot of chatting while gaming. Sure, there isn’t emoji support on this keyboard just yet, but hey… let’s be grateful for what we have, right??

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