Portable blender with a unique mason jar-inspired design will reimagine your smoothie experience!

Designed to be used on the kitchen countertop as well as on a mountaintop, the BlendQuik is the world’s first mason jar-style portable blender that can do everything from making smoothies at home and protein shakes at the gym to churning up a quick guacamole at a picnic or even a frappe in your car. It’s wireless, comes with a convenient handle and a straw, and fits most standard car cup holders.

Designer: BlendQuik Design

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Turning the clunky kitchen blender into something so portable it fits right in your hands, the BlendQuik is a nifty blender with a vessel big enough to hold your daily smoothie, and a 10-blade design powerful enough to cut right through dense ingredients like carrots, nuts, ice cubes, etc. The blender’s motor and blades are built right into its leak-proof cap. Chuck your ingredients into the mason jar, lock the cap in place, and hit the power button before flipping it over. The BlendQuik makes everything from shakes to dips, cocktails, slushies, batters, emulsions, purees, and everything else you’d otherwise need a large blender for. With the BlendQuik, you’re not limited to the kitchen or tethered to a plug point. You can carry the BlendQuik anywhere you go, and even drink directly from it, thanks to the sipper opening and a built-in silicone straw that’s reusable, food-grade, and easy to clean.

The mason jar-shaped design is perhaps the BlendQuik’s most clever design feature. Most people use large blenders and then pour the blended item into a glass or jar to sip through. Designed as a single vessel that does both of those things, the BlendQuik reduces the number of vessels you need to wash, while also ensuring that you don’t rely on disposable travel cups and straws for your smoothies. In fact, the BlendQuik is stylish enough to make your favorite Starbucks drinks right in the jar without stepping out of the house or buying disposable drinkware.

The personal blender is handy and leak-proof, and cleans incredibly easily, thanks to its wide mason-jar mouth. Alternatively, just pour some water in and run the blender for a few seconds and the powerful vortex created by the “360 Cyclone Stirring” motor (capable of 18000RPM) cleans the insides of your mason jar for you.

Along with being small and portable, the BlendQuik’s intuitive to use and safe for everyone – even kids. The blender runs on an internal battery, which charges via a USB-C port on the side that can be plugged into a wall socket, a laptop, a car charger, or even a power bank. A single-button interface makes using the BlendQuik easy, and an LED light lets you know how much battery you’ve got remaining, with a full battery giving you 12 blend cycles. A built-in safety feature ensures the BlendQuik never turns on when the lid is open, and only does so when the lid is secured tightly onto the mason jar. Moreover, overload and overcharge protection help keep your BlendQuik protected from surges or from being plugged in overnight.

The BlendQuik’s mason-jar design makes it an instant crowd favorite. It’s portable enough to fit in cup holders and bags, lightweight enough that you can drink directly from it, easy enough for even kids or grandparents to use, and has an aesthetic that looks as good on your kitchen counter as it does on your office table, car, or even outdoors during a picnic. The BlendQuik comes in two pastel colors – pink and blue, with a pastel green in the works too. Available for a discounted price of just $74, the BlendQuik starts shipping in April 2023. Grab one to absolutely uplift your smoothie and slushie game this summer!

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $148 (47% off)