The 250 Year-old Scissor Gets an Upgrade

Here at YD, we focus on the innovative, but every now and then we come back to the classics. The EXO scissors however, are a healthy combination of both.

Coming from the oldest scissor manufacturer in the western world, and from the birthplace of Stainless Steel itself, the EXO scissors combine the heritage of the blades along with the latest manufacturing methods to produce something that’s a classic blend of old and new. The EXO scissors continue to celebrate the design of the tailor’s shears, with their highly ergonomic handles and their 6 part design. What’s new however, is the use of Rapid Prototyping, CNC Machining, and Laser Engraving, along with the traditional methods, taking something that was craftsman-made ever since the times of the industrial revolution, and bringing to it the accuracy one expects from CAD modeling and CNC machining. The result? A claim that the EXO scissors are the most comfortable all-metal scissors you’ll ever own… and that’s coming from a company that has been making scissors since the 1760s!

Each scissor comes made to perfection in surgical-grade stainless steel from Sheffield, the birthplace of the alloy. The scissors can even be custom laser engraved for a personal touch. Available in three variants, the classic Silver (made from stainless steel with a striking matte finish), a futuristic Black (made with a delightful matte finish and a Teflon coated non-stick surface), and a regal Gold (with a vapor-deposited ceramic coating that’s more than twice as hard as the steel itself), the EXO may look old school, but that’s only because the scissor design has seen constant refinement over the past 250 years! What you’re looking at is probably the best modern iteration of the legacy metal scissor so far!

Designers: Jeremy & Sally Ward of William Whiteley & Sons

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Andrew Ramroop, award-winning master tailor and also the founder of the Savile Row Academy, where young tailoring talent train to become some of the best bespoke tailors in the world. We invited his staff to test our prototypes in their cutting room, and the feedback was unanimously positive; not only do EXO cut through fabric beautifully, but their lighter design and comfortable handles meant that they could use them all day with ease.





Click here to Buy Now: $75.00 $90.00