This chic ergonomic pillow lets you sleep without worrying about neck pain

While most ergonomic pillows look like strange curvilinear headrests, Bed Pillow’s capsule-shaped design looks incredibly minimalist and picture-perfect.

Bed Pillow is on a mission – a mission to let you sleep however you want without worrying about neck and back pain. Most pillows just elevate your head without worrying about its position in relation to your spine. Depending on this (and on whether you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper), your neck experiences stress due to bad sleeping posture. While ergonomic pillows try to solve this problem, Bed Pillow attempts at solving it while looking like a beautiful addition to your bedroom decor.

Designer: Ostrichpillow

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The Bed Pillow has a design that’s as simple as its name. Shaped like a capsule, the pillow is made from memory foam with a concave indentation on its underside. This indented shape supports both back and stomach sleepers, while the wider sides are perfect for side sleepers. Depending on how you sleep, the Bed Pillow keeps your neck aligned appropriately with your spine, so you don’t end up with neck pains.

Ergonomic Design – Consists of different areas with different heights so that regardless of the shape and position of your head, the support and alignment will always be just right.

Back position.

Side position.

Stomach position.

This design is further complemented by Bed Pillow’s choice of material and construction. The pillow uses a BASF memory foam core that offers proper support throughout the entire pillow by absorbing pressure evenly to relax the muscles in your neck, spine, and shoulders. Vertical channels running through the pillow also boost air circulation and breathability, preventing overheating and providing a cooling and pleasant sensation through the night. Wrapping around the core is a recycled polyester fabric inner cover that’s moisture-resistant and provides thermal insulation. Finally, the Bed Pillow gets furnished with a jersey fabric outer cover that provides the pillow with its soft feel (which can be periodically removed and machine washed).

Optimum Breathability – Has open channels inside that allow air to circulate continuously, preventing overheating and providing a cooling and pleasant sensation all night long.

Made from a high-end BASF memory foam core.

While the Bed Pillow is quite pretty to look at as it is, you can choose to use it with a standard pillow cover. Bed Pillow is compatible with most commercial queen-size pillow covers (IKEA, Bed Bath & Beyond, Pottery Barn…), letting you match it with the rest of your bedroom, should you choose. You can grab your Bed Pillow for a 25% discounted price of €85 ($90) which also covers any import duties/taxes on shipping. Sleep enthusiasts can also add accessories like a travel neck pillow or an eye mask to your purchase.

Click Here to Buy Now: $90 $120 (25% off). Hurry, only 5/900 left! Raised over $200,000.