Herman Miller inspired hiking backpack is a comfortable, robust and premium adventure accessory

This Herman Miller-inspired hiking backpack is something outrightly unique thanks to its niche structure and the hues it comes in.

A mention of backpacks doesn’t raise any eyebrows until it is something extraordinary. Penning down this article is one of those instances where we are talking about an ergonomically comfortable backpack that’s not ordinary. This accessory draws inspiration from the Herman Miller camp for a highly comfortable fit that emulates the back shape. In fact, this one plays it safe and tries to replicate the winning design of the Cosm gaming chair.

Designer: Judar Design

Disclaimer: This is a fan project and not a real Herman Miller product

The backpack has lightweight aesthetics, and the designer gives much of the focus on how the accessory can be a practical hiking backpack given the Herman Miller chair influence. This backpack is suited for city commuters who have to carry their laptop and other important stuff safely, as well as, hikers and campers who need a robust, waterproof rucksack to haul the load. The solid structure on the outside – just like the Cosm chair – provides protection from any accidental bumps when important breakable stuff is inside.


The featherweight hiking backpack has two main separate sections to keep your stuff organized. On the inside, there is a sleeve for laptops, tablets and more pockets to carry along smaller accessories. There’s a profound lumbar pad and ventilation system to keep things as comfortable as they can get. The hip belt reinforced with the solid structural material also provides able support when you are going out on extended adventure trips. The design is still in the concept stage and comes in peppy colors including – cool blue, pristine brown, and light grey.

I don’t see any gear loops or water bottle holders which are a must-have in a hiking backpack. So, the designer could have added them for an all-around impressive backpack design. That said, Herman Miller’s influence on this backpack’s design is something to cherish here.