This head-turning Italian bicycle looks like a dirt bike, but it’s actually a pedal-powered bicycle!

While on the first impression you might mistake (anyone would) this for a powerful electric bike ready to take on any terrain – it in reality is something more subtle. Yes, this is in reality a pedal-powered electric bicycle dubbed ‘Carbon’, crafted at Moto Parilla, an Italian automotive designer house. Meant to traverse any rough terrain with electric motor-assisted power when needed, the pedal-powered bicycle comes with the reassurance of fat wheels for superior grip. The wheels are perfectly synced with the equally big oversized disc brakes and the hydraulic brakes.

The composite carbon fiber and aluminum body further gives the bike a very modern appeal for new-age rider’s delight. Not to mention the toughness, agility, and durability the material brings to the ride. Add to the mix ultra-high-end shock absorbers and the girder suspension fork on the front, and the rider can take it to places with prime confidence. Carbon is designed to take on the trails, and ideal for people who can’t invest a crazy chunk of money on an electric mountain bike. Talking of the looks of this badass bicycle, it has those geometric patterns, lending it a very sharp aesthetic while still maintaining the beefed-up character.

Carbon bicycles can be had in a number of color variations and patterns to suit your personal preference. Then there are different editions to choose from like the Limited Edition produced as 130 units annually, the Mimetica that’s hand-painted by some of the best Italian craftsmen – taking almost two weeks to realize, or the Ultra version that comes with a 4000 Watts brushless motor. Moto Parilla will set you back somewhere in the region of $7,000 – $10,000 depending on the model you choose. But one thing’s for sure, the adrenaline rush of riding this is guaranteed!

Designer: Moto Parilla

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