Heart of a Car, Soul of a Motorcycle

Developed with guidance from the Audi Design Concept Studio and KISKA design, the Audi Nexus concept is a purpose-driven and efficient vehicle designed exclusively for the urban landscape. Its slim silhouette combines the advantages of both two and four-wheeled vehicles. It leans into curves for the thrill of riding a motorcycle, but its frame provides the security, safety and stability of a car. No wider than a scooter, it zips through the city and nimbly navigates traffic.

Designer: Marco Wilhelm


  • Mariano says:

    I love the design! looks very cool and agresive. love it! but I dont really see this product as “designed exclusively for the urban landscape”. I dont see your vehicle catching a 90 degrees curve very easily.
    anyways, still an interessting concept!

  • Kelli says:

    Well, it’s very interesting, but probably not very fast, since there’s very little room for propulsion systems or energy storage.

  • QQ says:

    There are too many these kind of vehicles.They all have same problems.The problem is I cant pick my hot girl friend to school with this vehicle because there are no backseat.In Asia,motocycles occupy the most rate of vehicles and I can promise just little people want to buy this one even though it looks great.

  • why its audi?

    I cannot understand at all

  • what nexus connects something?>

  • Finch says:

    bat motor + bat mobile inspired? very nice 😀

  • fenners49 says:

    I’d buy that for a dollar! Maybe now Audi own Ducati it will come with an 1198 Panigale motor?

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