Foster + Partners reveal JPMorgan Chase office design for new all-electric headquarters in New York City

JPMorgan Chase reveals plans for its new headquarters located in New York City.

Today, American multinational investment bank JPMorgan Chase reveals plans for the company’s new all-electric headquarters located in New York City. Designed by Foster + Partners, the new skyscraper is slated for construction at 270 Park Avenue, in busy Midtown Manhattan.

Designer: Foster + Partners


Rising to 423 meters in height, the new headquarters will mark the city’s “largest all-electric tower with net-zero operational emissions,” describes the architects with Foster + Partners. Obtaining renewable energy from a New York state hydroelectric plant to power the entire building, the architects say that the tower will host “exceptional indoor air quality that exceeds the highest standards in sustainability, health, and wellness.”

Midtown Manhattan is known for some pretty iconic buildings–from the Chrysler Building to the Flatiron Building. Introducing a new skyscraper to weave into the city fabric is always a feat in itself. “270 Park Avenue is set to be a new landmark that responds to its historic location as well as the legacy of JPMorgan Chase in New York,” Founder and Executive Chairman of Foster + Partners, Norman Foster says,

“The unique design rises to the challenge of respecting the rhythm and distinctive streetscape of Park Avenue while accommodating the vital transport infrastructure of the city below. The result is an elegant solution where the architecture is the structure, and the structure is the architecture, embracing a new vision that will serve JPMorgan Chase now and well into the future.”

Replacing an antiquated building from the 1950s, the new skyscraper will house up to 14,000 employees, marking a three-quarters increase in building occupancy. Supported by an innovative fan-column structure, and triangular bracing, allowing the building to remain elevated above the ground by 80 feet.

On the ground floor, the new headquarters will offer 2.5 times more outdoor space, “featuring wider sidewalks and a large public plaza on Madison Avenue with natural green space and other amenities geared toward the residents, workers, and visitors who frequent the neighborhood on a daily basis.”