The Magic Bridge merges your Apple Keyboard and Trackpad into one ‘super-keyboard’

Could it be a coincidence that the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad are exactly the same height? They look, as Twelve South rightfully points out, like they were “separated at birth”, like two siblings longing for each other. The Magic Bridge fulfills that wish, uniting the two long-lost siblings and putting them side by side.

Melodrama aside, the Magic Bridge is actually a pretty clever device that does more than just fix your trackpad to your keyboard for the sake of it. For starters, it helps declutter your workspace by ‘bridging’ the gap between the keyboard and trackpad, so they don’t individually clutter your desk. It also effectively merges them together into what Twelve South refers to as the ultimate ‘control station’, so you can carry them around and place them on your coffee table, or even your lap as you work and switch between your Apple devices.

Designer: Twelve South

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The Magic Bridge comes with a clever ambidextrous design that lets you mount your trackpad either side of your keyboard, depending on whether you’re right or left-handed. All you really have to do is slide the keyboard and trackpad into the Magic Bridge, and they fit in perfectly like jigsaw puzzle pieces, while the Magic Bridge’s anti-skid base ensures your control station doesn’t slip around while you work. The accessory itself is designed from polycarbonate, making it lightweight yet tough, and ensuring it works seamlessly with your Apple devices, without blocking any Bluetooth signals.

The Magic Bridge comes in black or white, and in two sizes that accommodate both the regular Magic Keyboard as well as the larger Magic Keyboard with the attached numpad. Each Magic Bridge sports cutouts on the back – handy for letting you access the switches on your keyboard or trackpad, or plug charging cables in without needing to remove your gadgets from their outer cover. However, if you DO want to remove your keyboard or trackpad, holes on the bottom of the Magic Bridge let you easily slide your thumb in and pop your peripheral out.

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