GoDonut MiNi smartphone stand lets you kick back and relax anytime, anywhere

Stop stressing over whether to bring a phone stand with you or not because now you can always have one on your keychain.

We have become so dependent on our smartphones to help keep up sane in the midst of the chaos of life that it is no longer unusual to see people, young and old alike, glued to their smartphones. Some take their entertainment while standing, but others prefer to give their bodies a break while enjoying a good laugh or a tearjerker on a small screen. This in itself can also be a source of stress, though, especially when you find yourself scrambling to find a way to prop your phone upright for a more comfortable viewing experience. Smartphone stands exist for that purpose, but most of them are not convenient to take around with you. The new GoDonut MiNi takes away all those worries, concerns, and internal debates because now you can have a stand that is small enough to be buddies with the keys in your pocket.

Designer: Nina Seyedabadi

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Smartphone stands come in all shapes and sizes, and a lot of them try to aim for portability. Some are slim enough to fit in your bag, but that requires you to always have a bag with you in the first place. There are also those “rings” that work both as smartphone grips and makeshift stands, but they mar the beauty of your smartphone by having something stuck to its back permanently. In contrast, the GoDonut MiNi’s solution is so simple that you’ll probably be surprised why no one capitalized on the idea before.

Just like its award-winning larger sibling, the GoDonut MiNi’s selling point is its simplicity. Taking the shape of its namesake snack, the accessory is pretty much just a thick circle with a hole in the middle and a crevice on one side for the phone. As the name suggests, this smaller variant shrinks the formula down to size to the point that it’s trivial to add it to your keychain or any other thing that you always keep with you anywhere you go. Now you no longer have to scramble for a stand or stack up books just to prop up your phone. Simply unhook it from your keychain, place it on a flat surface, and your ad hoc entertainment center is good to go.

The GoDonut MiNi is the epitome of the “small but terrible” expression but in a completely good way. Despite having only a radius of 2 inches and a 3/4-inch height, the stand can accommodate any phone up to half an inch thick, including a case. Despite its size and weight, it uses the same weighted technology that will keep your phone from toppling backward. The alloy steel metal carabiner also ensures it won’t just fall off accidentally from your keychain. Like its namesake as well, the GoDonut MiNi is available in a variety of delicious colors, including red, teal, and fuchsia, though you can also try to look professional with black, white, and gray hues.

While watching videos immediately comes to mind when talking about smartphone stands, there really is no limit to what you can use the donut-shaped stand for. Set your phone upright for video calls, or use your device’s large screen as a reference while sketching on paper or following instructions on how to cook your favorite dish. Whatever the need or situation, the GoDonut MiNi frees your hands and your mind to do what you need to do, whether it’s binging on a video or taking a video call at a relaxing outdoor cafe.

Click Here to Buy Now: Pack of 5 for $40. Hurry, less than 72 hours left!