This spinning screwdriver uses centrifugal force to make the job easier and more fun

Just because you’re screwing something doesn’t have to mean you’d be screwed yourself, too, especially not with this handsome screwdriver kit that will let your fingers breathe a sigh of relief.

Screws are one of the most common ways to keep two things together, but they are also notorious for being a pain in the posterior that an expletive was made specifically with screwing in mind. Never mind the wide variety of screws in use today, nor the almost uncanny frequency of not having the right screwdriver for the right job just when you need it. Screwing can sometimes be a literally painstaking chore, especially for your fingers and wrists, but they don’t have to be. The Spinner Drive demonstrates how to do more with less, especially with physics at your service, and how to look fine and spiffy while doing so.

Designer: mininch

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All-in-one screwdriver kits are a dime a dozen these days. Some come with a screwdriver for each time of screw, while others have bits you can swap out for every need. The Spinner Drive Tough Edition Plus that we sell in our shop comes with 20 of these bits to match every single type of screw out there. Each bit is as tough as nails, or screws rather, made from Stainless Steel with Titanium Nitride coating for extra strength.

Precision Drivers. Buttery Smooth Rotation.

The screwdriver itself is a work of minimalist, industrial art. The grooves made by CNC machining give your fingers something better to grip while also preventing the tool from rolling off your workbench. These details alone might already appeal to a lover of minimalist tools, but that’s not all that makes the Spinner Drive special.

Standard. The Good Old Fashioned Way.

Hidden near the top of the screwdriver is a ball bearing that makes twisting the body feel smooth like butter. Resting your index finger on the specially-made dimple on its top lets you hold the screwdriver in a more ergonomic fashion when you need to make fine adjustments. Simply give the Spinner Drive a quick twist to tighten loose screws without straining your fingers.

T-Handle. Maximizing the Torque.

When you need bigger and wider movements, however, you’ll want to slide in the Spinner Wheel. It effectively expands the diameter of the handle, generating more torque with a single spin. The faster you turn, the faster it spins. It easily outclasses a traditional T-Handle screwdriver, especially in terms of comfort of grip, thanks to the grooves on the Spinner Wheel.

The Spinner Drive has you covered even when finger strength is no longer enough. Just as it is easy to remove and attach bits thanks to the use of magnets, it’s also easy to use those same bits with an electric screwdriver by using the removable hexagon bit holder from the barrel. Whether it’s with finger power or with an electric tool, the Spinner Drive has all your screwing needs covered, so you will never have to curse screws ever again.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99