Batman’s entire utility belt… inside a ballpoint pen

Less of a pen and more of a toolkit with a ballpoint refill, Atech’s 9-in-1 Multifunction Tool Pen writes notes, opens bottles, measures items, files nails, fixes gadgets, and does much more. Designed to be an all-round utility tool that slides right into your pocket, this pen comes with a slick, hexagonal body that feels familiar (and doesn’t roll off surfaces) but is made from a hybrid alloy that’s both lightweight and strong, and is fitted with all kinds of surprises.

The 9-in-1 Multifunction Tool Pen comes based off of feedback from thousands of users, and Atech’s own lineup of multitool pens and keychains. It comes fitted with a 0.7mm black ballpoint refill for buttery-smooth writing, but if you’re not the traditional pen-on-paper kind of guy, the design even has its own 0.24in rubber-tipped stylus for drawing, erasing, and writing on your touchscreen devices. A Multifunction Tool Pen wouldn’t be complete without the tools either, would it? The pen even packs both Philips and flathead screwdrivers on the inside, while the pen’s body comes with a spirit level as well as a nail-file integrated into its body. Two scoops on the top and the midsection serve as a box-cutter and a bottle opener respectively… and if you’ve been counting so far, you’ll realize we’re still one tool short. That’s because I didn’t quite mention the fact that the pen’s linear body serves as both a metric and an imperial ruler, with measuring units etched onto two of the 6 hexagonal sizes.

Weighing in at a mere 1.7 ounces (that’s 45 grams for the metric folk), the pen’s equally light and robust. The pen uses a hybrid alloy made from steel, aluminum, copper, and iron to achieve its signature combination of strength and practical weightlessness, and comes with a matte black finish that seems to be a uniting factor in all of Atech’s products, lending it equal parts of classiness and stealthiness… Batman would surely approve.

Designer: Rin Preda

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9-in-1 Multifunction Tool Pen

The 9-in-1 Multifunction Tool Pen provides solutions to our daily needs, with just one handy tool. It consists of pen, box cutter, level, ruler, Phillips driver, flathead driver, file, stylus and bottle opener.

Manufactured with hybrid of steel, aluminum, copper and iron alloy, the 9-in-1 Multifunction Tool Pen is engineered to be durable and robust. Weighing at 1.7 oz or 48 grams, it provides a hearty grip for all of its functions.

Let’s Talk Functions

The Bottle Opener. Open any bottle cap with ease.

The 2.5 mm Philips Screwdriver. Useful for tightening glasses screws.

The 2.5 mm Flathead Screwdriver. Useful for tightening screws that you never thought needed to tighten.

The Stylus. 0.24in diameter rubber tip stylus. Accurately selects and writes/draws with precision on any touch screen devices.

The Box Cutter. TSA friendly designed box cutter. Sharp yet safe, dig into the box tape and drag with ease.

The Level. Hands-free tubular level with easy to read bubble. Set it and level it.

The File. 1.25in file tool. Perfect for filing down chipped nails, sharp corners or edges.

The Ruler. Both imperial and metric rulers. Measures up to 4in or 10cm.

The Pen. 0.7mm black ink ball-point pen writes beautifully on paper.

Click Here to Buy Now: $25 $35 ($10 off).