Let your creativity soar by beating the heat with this game-changing wearable air conditioner

While summer might be fun for vacations, beaches, and parties, the sweltering heat isn’t good for our bodies and even our minds. Sweating profusely is uncomfortable and a bit unsettling, while unbearably high temperatures may make our brains want to take a vacation themselves. Extreme heat affects our ability to think clearly, and, as a result, our creativity often takes a nosedive as well. This is especially true this summer with its record-breaking temperatures, making the need to keep our cool even more urgent and critical. We have all tried various methods to cool down, but these solutions are either ineffective or unavailable in all places. After all, you can’t strap an air conditioning unit to your body and have it cool you down whenever you feel like it. Actually, you can do that with this unique and innovative wearable air conditioner that you can comfortably put around your neck to help you cool down in almost an instant, wherever and wherever you need to.

Designer: TORRAS Design

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You’ve probably seen some people desperately try to apply technology to keep their bodies cool with miniature electric fans that just spin the hot air around you faster. Not only are these awkward and inconvenient solutions, but they’re also actually ineffective for the very purpose they were designed. It takes more ingenuity and creativity to develop an actually usable solution, and that’s the killer combo that the TORRAS Coolify 3 brings to the table. Building upon the success of its predecessors, this next-gen neck air conditioner steps up the game with a larger cooling area, increased wind speeds, and, more importantly, additional airflow channels to reach the most important parts of the body that needs to be cooled down to help you feel more refreshed even under the summer heat.

Research has shown that some parts of our bodies are extremely sensitive to temperature changes, which means that these are regions that you need to cool down or warm up in order to start feeling more comfortable. The neck is perhaps the best-known area, but the back is also an important part because it produces a lot of sweat, making it sensitive to those temperature changes. That’s why the Coolify 3 adds three more airflow channels as well as two rear outlets so that all the cool air goodness goes not only to the front but also to the back, reaching where no other personal cooling solution has reached before.

That’s not the only upgrade that the Coolify 3 brings to your life. Improved high-efficiency semiconductors and four high-speed fans allow the wearable air conditioner to deliver an enhanced cooling effect that reaches an area of 14,388 mm², a 79% increase from the previous generation and setting new industry standards. A larger 6,000mAh battery means you get to use the wearable device much longer, and an 18W fast-charging technology takes you from zero to 80% in just an hour. This innovative cooling solution isn’t made just for performance, either. It was designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind, such as in how it directs airflow away from the wearer’s ears and how it fits any neck size or shape with its flexible wide angles.

Extreme Sports – Less than 500 grams. Ultra lightweight companion to cool your adventure.

Working in High Temp – Say bye to hot flashes and heavy sweats when working outside in the heat.

Daily Running – Exceptional maneuverability and maximum stability on all occasions from jogging to heavy workouts.

Whether you regularly work outdoors or often find yourself struggling to maintain your focus in hot weather, you no longer have to waste time, money, and energy on ineffective cooling solutions that are more trouble than they’re worth. For just $299, the TORRAS Coolify 3 will get your body to the perfect temperature, regardless of the season or weather, leaving you free to do what you do best and become your most creative self, even under the sweltering heat of the summer sun.

Click Here to Buy Now: $269 $299 (10% off with coupon code “YANKOCOOL23”). Hurry, offer ends in 48 hours.