For the over-protective bag owner


More than any calamity, the thing I fear most while flying is losing my luggage. Now while most people want to bring the IoT to the most absurd things in life (obviously a reference to the smart-bra), most people are forgetting that design is all about solving problems, not just injecting technology into experiences. The Bagtag is a little piece of tech wizardry that snaps onto your luggage. It uses Low Energy Bluetooth that’s accurate up to 30 meters to tell you where your bag is (LE Bluetooth means your battery virtually lasts a year). Afraid your bag is more than 30 meters away from you? Another city perhaps? The Bagtag comes with a QR code that can be scanned, helping one locate the owner of the bag along with contact details. Either that, or it uses the location of other Bagtag users to get a rough estimate on its location. You then get a fairly accurate location of your estranged luggage. I’ve got my money set on the Bagtag!

Designer: Dustin Lee