Sleek tea makers to brew that perfect cuppa every morning

There are some people who need a cup of coffee to start their day, or they simply refuse to start their day (I’m one of them). And then there are those who need a cup of tea to begin their day. There’s something about sipping a cup of tea in the morning that puts me in a really zen and calm mood. Though I may not be a tea drinker, I know that brewing your own tea, is almost like an art. It takes practice and patience. If you’re a tea drinker who’s always looking for new and innovative ways to prepare your morning cup of tea – we’ve curated a collection of unique, tasteful, and highly functional tea makers for you. From a smart tea maker to a travel tea flask with a built-in tea infuser – this collection of kitchen appliances is all you need to prepare and perfect your cup of tea!

1. The TEO Smart Tea Maker

The TEO Smart Tea Maker has a sleek, monochromatic design that has a coffeemaker feel but tries to bring attention to the tea extract itself by making that part transparent. It is made up of three main parts: the water tank which looks like your average industrial-looking teapot; the brewing section where you’re supposed to put the tea leaves and where the magic happens; and the transparent glass container where the brewed tea is poured into. There’s actually a 4th component, the base which looks like an induction stove but with fewer confusing buttons.

2. Chá

Chá is a travel tea bottle that can switch between a tea infuser and a regular thermal water bottle. Topped with a transparent lid, Chá allows each user to witness the seeping process while brewing tea to ensure their desired tea strength is achieved. With a handy rubber strap, users can even brew their tea with the bottle strapped to their backpack. The brewing process of Chá is just like filling a water bottle, but the lid of Chá features a compartment where users can place tea bags near a built-in infuser and transparent section that reveals the strength of each brew.

3. OTOTO‘s Tea Trap

OTOTO‘s Tea Trap puts a fun spin on the art of brewing tea. Unlike those boring metal infusers, the Tea Trap models itself on a carnivorous plant that chomps down on your tea leaves. Once the Tea Trap’s stomach (or mouth) is full, just dunk it in a cup of hot water, and the tea begins infusing through the perforations on the sides of the infuser. Use the Tea Trap’s elongated handle to stir it around till your tea reaches the right color, and when you’re done, the Tea Trap will very kindly spit out the tea leaves into the waste-bin, because nobody likes eating tea leaves… not even carnivorous plants!

4. The BRÜ Instant Tea Brewing Machine

The BRÜ Instant Tea Brewing Machine prepares that perfect cup of tea for you every single time! You simply add your tea to the machine and press a button to being the brewing process. The machine works with both tea leaves and tea bags. In fact, you don’t need any capsules or pods with this instant machine! You can control the settings, by selecting how long you want your tea to be brewed, as well as what temperature you would like it to be brewed. There’s even an option to pick the cup size, allowing you to prepare the perfect amount of tea. No wastage here!

5. The Skagerak Edge Terracotta Teapot

Inspired by ancient Greek and Egyptian craftsmanship, the Skagerak Edge Terracotta Teapot is a beautiful rustic product that helps you experience a real tea-brewing experience. Created primarily from terracotta, the teapot is matte from the outside and glazed from the inside. The glazed interior makes it quite easy to wash! The teapot also features a curved handle built from teak, which is also extremely easy to hold and handle. Two brass pins on the handle and a little brass topper on the lid handle add a stunning metallic contrast to the otherwise raw and organic-looking product.

6. The Inclusivitea kettle

The Inclusivitea kettle highlights the two biggest problem areas when it comes to using a kettle – the filling and the pouring. The redesigned kettle comes with two handlebar-shaped arms that let you easily carry it to fill it up with water. Dock it in the stand and plug the kettle into a power outlet and it begins brewing your tea. Once your tea’s ready, simply put the cup in its dedicated zone right under the kettle and press the main button that both filters the tea and dispenses it right into the cup. The dispensing stops once you release the button, completely eliminating any chances of over-filling your cup and/or spilling tea all over the place.

7. The Blue Project

Andersson and Fransson created The Blue Project, featuring an electric tea kettle that provides users with feedback to help promote sustainable use. To keep users from overfilling their kettles, The Blue Project’s electric kettle features a water controller that forces its user to settle on a predetermined measure of water before filling the kettle up with water. In addition to the water controller, Andersson’s and Fransson’s tea kettle comes equipped with a temperature regulator that increases in resistance as the kettle’s user increases its temperature, providing a tangible source of feedback to show the increase in resources needed for higher temperatures.

8. The Cat Loose Leaf Tea Mug & Infuser

The Cat Loose Leaf Tea Mug & Infuser is the perfect little product for all the cat + tea lovers out there! The cat-shaped mug features a built-in infuser. The little infuser is shaped like a fish, and can perfectly hold your loose tea leaf. The handle of the mug has been shaped after a cat’s tail! The mug is also transparent from the center, so you can keep an eye on how your tea is being steeped. The kitty-inspired mug/infuser is purrfect for adding a fun twist to your afternoon cuppa!

9. Hu-Kou

Comprised of a carrying case, tea bowl, and three teacups, Hu-Kou comes with everything you might need for an excellent cup of tea. Specifically molded to feel ergonomic by design, Hu-Kou’s tea bowl is shaped like a triangle with a built-in spout that allows users to pour tea directly from the bowl without having to remove the lid beforehand. Fit within a silicone carrying case, Hu-Kou’s stylish case comes with a shoulder strap so it’s even easier to bring tea on the go. The carrying case keeps enough space to fit the main tea bowl in addition to three teacups.


Meet the ECLIPSE, a portable tea brewing station that isn’t as limiting or as archaic as the teabag. It combines a travel thermos and a french-press-style brewing system in one easy-to-use, easy-to-carry design, and lets you brew two cups (or one large mug) of the tea of your choice. The inner layer of the ECLIPSE is lined with a ceramic coating to honor the traditional practice of brewing in ceramic teapots (while also ensuring that the tea doesn’t get a metallic or plastic taste) and gives you authority over how strong or mild you want your tea to be by letting you control brew-times.