Pen Full Of Memories

Bond and his clan are always sporting innovative gadgets that look cool and make us plebs feel in-adept! Taking a pot-shot at Q’s ability is the U Drive Memory Pen and will hopefully be a fitting answer to pen and memory needs! Let me explain, the tip of this slick ink-less pen actually holds sensors that “read” and store the written text / sketches into the built-in memory card. The info thus stored can be accessed via the USB key at the rear of the pen. In short you don’t need any paper to jot down notes, just the action of writing on any surface (hand, table, paper etc.) is sufficient. It doesn’t even require external battery and recharges when hooked into the comp.

The stored data is easily edited once retrieved via the computer, and this feature makes it an absolutely brilliant product! Picture sitting in the train, on your way home and suddenly inspiration hits you! Use this pen to draw up an imaginary sketch and later on refine it via your computer. Awesome!

Designer: Wang Xuelei