This UV-enabled smart water bottle disinfects bottleneck and the water inside to keep infections at bay

You might not realize but the all-purpose water bottle could get you infected due to exposure to physical touches. This tech-savvy water bottle seeks to solve this problem with its smart disinfecting bottle cap which keeps any pathogens away for good.

Water bottles have become a staple for most of us whether it be going to the office or a hiking trip on a weekend. Carrying the reserve of water is important and the ability to refill the temperature neutral bottle is more of a normal thing. The latter part can however be dangerous when we consider infections in the current uncertain times. Wearing masks does prevent the chances of infection from spreading, but how about sharing a water bottle with your buddy or refilling it in public places where the chances of getting infected are much higher?

Designer: Sidhesh Wilson

The Halo water bottle is designed keeping this in mind – hence the unique features that disinfect the bottle from the inside. This is done with the tech-infused cap which sanitizes the neck of the bottle and the water within. It’s important to make sure the neck of the water bottle is properly ridden of any pathogen infections because this part is exposed the most to external physical touch. Hence the smart water bottle comes with 3 UVC LEDs (measuring 1mW each) for neck sanitization and a single UVC (measuring 12mW) for water disinfection.

Sidhesh Wilson, the mind behind this practical idea wanted to solve the issue of sharing water bottle while still being sure at all times that there are no chances of infection. The research undertaken by him clearly showed that the bottleneck had far higher chances of infections because it is so close to the water spout, and most of us rest it against the spout to facilitate easy refilling. This physical contact can infect the inside lining of the bottle which needs to be addressed.

Halo water bottle does the job of disinfecting the water and the bottleneck without fail – thus eliminating any accidental spread of dangerous infection including coronavirus and its variants. The idea is still in the prototype stage but has a very high potential to materialize for the consumer market.