Guess what these specs are made of!


If Shwood eyewear has taught us designers anything, it’s that the entire world can be your source of inspiration. The company, known for pioneering luxury eyepieces made out of ridiculous materials like newspaper, stone, and recycled surfboards… has done it again! The choice of material this time? Cactus!

Yes, Shwood’s Canby Cactus collection features acetate frames that convert actual cactus stems into wearable art. Almost looking like reverse tiger stripes, the Canby Cactus frames suspend dried sections of a cactus stem in resin and machine out the frames from the solid resin block. What you’re left with is a pair of spectacles with a natural skeletal design that is unique to you. Not to mention the amount of people you’re going to amaze when you tell them you’re wearing sunglasses made from real cactii! The Shwood Canby Cactus frames come with a rather steep price-tag, but that’s what innovation is worth, isn’t it?

Designer: Shwood