Nike has ‘Uncorked’ their latest kicks so you can be eco-friendly in style!

Originating from the Mediterranean basin and dating back to almost 66 million years ago, Cork is one of the most versatile materials, not to mention it is sustainable and recyclable, allowing it to be transformed into a number of new products. Winemakers have been turning to cork as the perfect raw material for bottle stoppers for centuries, and it seems like the sneaker industry has jumped into the madness as well- or more specifically Nike.

A trend that sparked off with the Nike LeBron X, Nike has finally dedicated its latest edition of Nike SB (Skateboarding) entirely to cork! The Nike SB Dunk High Cork features a light tan colored cork-based upper, which is contrasted beautifully by black suede panels on the mudguard and the eye stay. The black suede also extends to the iconic Nike Swoosh. The sneaker finally finishes up with a full-length EVA midsole in white, accompanied by a grey outsole.

Picked for its elasticity, impermeability, insulating properties and low density, cork is an exceptional choice for sports footwear- especially for Skateboarding. Leather, on the other hand, tends to be a bit heavy, whereas synthetic foams aren’t durable at all. Hence with its ability to be lightweight and durable Cork seems to be the optimal option. And of course, the SB Dunk High Corks promise to look super cool while you’re drifting along on your skateboard!

Designer: Nike