TE-LAB handcrafted sound machine lets you play and create sci-fi sound effects

Music makes the world go round. Without it, life is meaningless. Music serves different purposes. It entertains, evokes feelings, and enhances experiences. Sound, in its raw form, engages audiences and helps communicate. When you play sound in an ordered manner, it turns into music.

One can’t just claim to be a music expert just because he listens to different genres or plays instruments. There are audiophiles and then there are sound engineers. These people can be considered experts in their fields in ways regular music lovers can’t comprehend. Perhaps they hear music and sound differently. It’s inexplicable but maybe playing around with the TE-LAB will give us an idea.

Designer: Love Hultén

TE-LAB Love Hultén Sound Box

TE-LAB is a project by designer Love Hultén who is also an audiovisual artist. This Swedish craftsman has created this semi-modular sound machine based on various effects and instruments. Hultén used modules from the Teenage Engineering PO Modular series to build the core sound engine.

TE-LAB Love Hultén Sound Machine Teenage Engineering Modules

You will see different features like a sequencer, filter, analog oscillators, and a Holograms Microcosm. The latter comes with eleven unique algorithms right on a granular effects pedal. When you play sounds on TE-LAB, you will hear the rearranged sound the way the machine interpreted it.

TE-LAB Love Hultén Sound Machine

If you’re into sci-fi stuff, you will love the sounds this machine can make. Artists and musicians can get inspiration from the unique sounds and timbres. You can try a lot of effects from loop techniques to delay, sampling, and pitch-shift. Other features of TE-LAB include a circular oscilloscope and a turntable sequencer with pins.

Telab Teenage Engineering PO Modular Turntable

The large device stands out as a bright yellow wooden console. It’s handcrafted which makes it special. Love Hultén also looked at modules from Holograms Microcosm. The design of the sound machine was inspired by a Lomond Campbell turntable.

The sound machine is like a toy for the big boys. Those who want to practice being a disc jockey may try this. Those who want to learn sound engineering can add this to your collection. Those who want to just play, get this. If you want those sci-fi sound effects playing, TE-LAB will be perfect for you.

TE-LAB Love Hultén Sound Machine Design

TE-LAB Love Hultén Sound Machine Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering PO Modular series

Telab Teenage Engineering PO Modular series

TE-LAB Love Hultén