This $4000 Japanese 5-in-1 cooking pot features carbon graphite, merging tradition with futurism!

A proverb that I often associate with the Japanese is ‘They have a place for everything, and everything is in its place. After living in Japan for almost two years, I can conclusively say they have a gadget, gizmo, or appliance for even the most mundane actions. I agree; many of them are so innovative that my immediate reaction is why do we not have these available everywhere – like an ear wax cleaner with an attached LED light or a banana holder (it’s for the actual fruit people!). These designs amaze us and keep in line with the Japanese attention to detail, meet the $4000 cooking appliance by ANAORI Kakugama.

The black-box-looking design looks almost like a gadget from the Black Mirror, with its sleek and minimal aesthetics – and it packs a punch! This one appliance combines five major functionalities – grill, simmer, poach, fry or steam! Dubbed The Tastemaker, the tagline goes as ” Tradition and innovation together present a breakthrough for restaurant kitchens. Carbon graphite fused with the wisdom of Japanese cuisine create a product unprecedented in culinary history.” Why Carbon Graphite? It’s a material that is lighter than iron, used for replacement and specialty parts. When prepared properly, it has wear resistance, high-temperature capabilities, self-lubricating properties, and the ability to be used with corrosive materials. This cube delivers superior heat retention with the capability to emit five times more infrared than cast iron. The design is compatible with all heating sources – induction heat, gas, and even the oven!

Each part of the appliance has unique functionality; the outer lid works to seal the box and as a grilling surface. To emphasize Japan’s respect for natural materials, Hinoki Cypress is used, reinforcing the aroma of the Japanese countryside. The raw carbon graphite is meticulously crafted and given chamfered edges, throwing back to the intricate Japanese Tea rituals. The inner pot is rounder in shape, ensuring even heat distribution and higher heat retention reduces the cellular breakdown of the raw materials. Every foodie has heard of the best-selling book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. You control the heat, and you contain the umami, and that is exactly what The Tastemaker allows you to control.

The appliance weighs in at a hefty $4000, making it one of the more luxury kitchen appliances, especially when compared to your average cooking range. While the price ensures it’s not an everyday kitchen essential like a microwave, it delivers perfection, and of course, there is a price attached to that perfection. You don’t eat at a Michelin Star restaurant every day; you go there once in a while for the entire experience it provides. Similarly, this gadget delivers the goodness of great food to your plate whenever you demand it, in a space-saving, futuristic black box that keeps in touch with its Japanese roots. An elevated version of the one-pot cooking appliance, this one is on my wishlist!

Designer: ANAORI Kakugama

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