Outdoor pizza ovens to host the ultimate pizza party in your yard

In these pandemic-stricken times, we find ourselves spending more and more time at home. However, sitting in the same old four walls of our bedroom can become quite boring, and sometimes the only fresh air we really get is when we step out into our yards. Although we shouldn’t underestimate our backyards, they can be locations of major fun, recreation, and relaxation…depending on how we do them up! How about hosting a pizza party in your backyard? The key to a successful pizza party…is an amazing pizza oven! The right outdoor oven can create the perfect pizza for you, helping you win the title of best host! From wood-fired portable oven with a rotating base + stove to a stove-friendly oven that lets you bake indoors and outdoors – these innovative oven designs are all you need to transform your backyard into a pizzeria!

1. The Noori V02 AIRY

Boasting an enameled steel construction, the Noori V02 AIRY is a multifunctional outdoor grill, pizza oven, rocket stove, and a fire pit – all in one! Not to mention, it’s probably one of the best-looking grills I’ve seen in a long time, it’ll be the perfect visual accessory to your backyard. The grill consists of six refractory concrete internal plates. These plates + an AIRY cylinder make up the grill’s innovative AIRY system (which also gives the product its name). This basically means that to set up an open fire, you simply need to remove a few refractory plates from within the AIRY cylinder, which instantly exposes the flames, creating the mesmerizing flame dance we all love to watch in an open fire! Much like its predecessor the Noori V02 AIRY also features a pizza disc, allowing you to not only bake up some pizzas but bread as well. The disc also supports roasters, and containers suitable for ovens.

2. NUO

An essential appliance for a compact kitchen, NUO is designed for the world beyond large, electric ovens. This one is actually a hybrid oven that lets the baker choose between gas or wood flame. The oven works conveniently without electricity and sits comfortably on a flat surface courtesy of its metal legs. On a simple push of the knob – placed on the side of the oven – the NUO can ignite automatically and then allows one to toggle between the choice of flame and its intensity. With a chimney on top that permits exhaust control, the oven can reach temperatures of up to 500-degree Celsius within and the thermal insulation ensures the pizza cooks evenly, without heating the body of the oven from the outside.

3. The Dome

Dubbed the Dome, this compact oven by Gozney is very versatile. It is a professional-grade outdoor oven designed to work effortlessly for experienced chefs and novice ones alike. Whether you have guests over on a Sunday afternoon or have a family dinner, Gozney Dome can be there to take care of the cooking needs as long you have wood to burn. Even though wood-fired cooking is ideal in an outdoor setting if that’s not what the kids want – turn the dial and switch to the built-in gas burner and continue cooking at temperatures up to 500°C. You can roast, steam, smoke, bake or BBQ inside the 25- x 24- x 28-inch Dome that includes a digital thermometer – a big upgrade over gimmicky ovens designed for the outdoors!

4. The Ooni Karu 16 multifuel pizza oven

The Ooni Karu 16 multifuel pizza oven is a sleek appliance with various fuel options! You can use either wood or charcoal to create the perfect pizza in the comfort of your own backyard. Or you could even power the oven using the Ooni Karu 16 Gas Burner. The oven gets heated up to 950° F within 15 minutes. Quite quick, no? You can also utilize the oven to roast meat, veggies, and bake some fresh bread! The hinged oven door has been equipped with ViewFlame technology to ensure you have a clear view of your pizza at all times. It also boasts an internal mounted thermometer that keeps you updated on the temperature of the oven.

5. The Relic Oven

The Relic Oven is a modular outdoor kitchen appliance with a three-part top and two options for the base. This allows you to bake your pizza almost anywhere – from a backyard table to your favorite grill! The innovative oven also comes along with a set of unique accessories, such as pizza stones, stone mounts for kettle grills, and other miscellaneous devices. Handcrafted and built to last a lifetime, the Relic Oven is also weatherproof, durable, and shock-resistant, making it the ideal oven not only for your backyard parties, but your camping trips as well!

6. The Cook Nook

With the combo appliance like the Cook Nook fueled by gas, you can save time and money while in the kitchen, in the backyard, or when hiking or camping in the outdoors. Such an appliance that does not require electricity is useful in everyday life and even in case of an emergency. In addition to cooking a fresh meal or a quick snack, this can even be used to bring frozen food to life. For its convenience and portability, the Cook Nook toaster, oven, and stove will be a welcome product in the lives of the outdoorsy as it will solve the problem of finding an electric outlet for its needs.

7. The Ember

Called the Ember, this conceptual portable oven features a monolithic design and has a sleek and clever build to ensure it can be used on a stove’s flame – without electricity – to create that ideal condition for baking. You can use this space-saving oven on the kitchen counter, or as I said, pack it along on your way out for camping. But as the designer puts it, the oven is more specifically a solution designed to facilitate baking in small kitchens. Given its process of baking, Ember is able to bake healthier food in small domestic spaces faster as compared to conventional ways.

8. QubeStove

QubeStove’s new rotating pizza oven dons a heavy gauge stainless steel coat that shines with all the possibilities of different pizza pies. The heavy gauge stainless steel looks clean and packs a punch, but it also establishes the oven’s long-lasting durability and ability to retain a lot of heat (that’s upwards of 1,000℉). A high-temperature, ceramic glass door both allows users to check on their food without opening the oven and covers the woodfire, inner mechanics. Once the oven’s hot enough and after you’ve decided on your pizza toppings, garlic marinara, cheddar cheese, seared pineapple (maybe), some fresh basil, you can slide it right onto the oven’s rotating pizza stone and watch the magic happen.

9. The Campo

The Campo, inspired by the curves of an Apple Watch and the concept of a portable EV battery, is made in nature-friendly colors. Its helmet-like design, where the visor (the lid in this case) can be rolled up with a handle. Inside you have a magnetically fastened plate, over which you can keep the item you want to cook or heat and set the timer (which is displayed on the handle you can roll back down to start the microwave). The ease of portability is ensured by a locking mechanism on the side of the unit, which locks in place when the handle is rolled up or pushed down flat.

10. The Kalamazoo Artisan Fire Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven

The Kalamazoo Artisan Fire Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven boasts an impressive flame much like the ones you would find in a brick oven! This innovative gas oven cooks your pizza at a precise temperature to ensure it is perfectly done. Simply preheat it for forty-five minutes, and your pizza will be cooked with gas swiftly. It’s perfect for those pizza parties in your backyard!