Origami is a gadget pouch that you can also wear as a fashionable kimono

If you thought carrying your gadgets out in the open is too geeky, then you haven’t seen this novel accessory that fuses fashion and tech in a very Japanese way.

For decades, the Japanese art of paper folding has inspired many products and designs. The idea of turning a single sheet of material into something completely unrelated is simply enchanting and challenging to translate into something other than paper. The benefits of such a design, however, definitely make the journey worth it, as shown by this origami-inspired pouch that can keep you and your gadgets warm and protected in a very fashionable way.

Designer: Iwase Shoten

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We bring a lot of gadgets and tools with us every day, from phones and power banks to notebooks and pens. This smorgasbord of objects has created a market for gadget organizers and pouches, most of which are either designed for functionality only or for looks only. The ORIGAMI wearable gadget pouch, however, takes inspiration from Japanese mindsets, materials, and culture to boldly say that you can have all of those in a simple and single sheet of fabric.

The ORIGAMI takes its cues from two staples of Japanese culture. Thanks to ideas taken from the art of paper folding, the pouch can serve two purposes without requiring you to carry two separate things. When unfolded, the ORIGAMI takes inspiration from the Japanese kimono, whose large sleeves have traditionally been used to carry things like wallets and small objects. Thanks to this wearable gadget pouch’s ingenious design, you can also take your gadgets out of your sleeves with similar ease.

These aren’t the only nods to the Japanese way of life, though. Even the materials and processes used are unique to the country that has given us one of the most notable minimalist product brands in the world. “Sanada-himo” or Sanada braid is touted to be one of the thinnest textiles in the world. The wooden rings are carefully crafted by hand using Japanese Zelkova wood to produce unique grain patterns. Even the available colors have been chosen to reminisce about popular places and objects in Japan.

The ORIGAMI isn’t just fashion apparel, though. As a poncho, the fabric is designed to keep you warm on cold days and dry under a sudden shower. Thanks to using a split yarn warp, the ORIGAMI doesn’t wrinkle no matter how many times you fold it, unlike paper or even regular fabric. And unlike paper folding, there aren’t any complicated instructions and techniques to transform your eye-catching kimono poncho into an equally eye-catching gadget pouch.

Functional and fashionable, the ORIGAMI wearable gadget pouch is a testament that you don’t need complicated technologies or sophisticated (not to mention unsustainable) materials to create something innovative. Sometimes, all you need to take a good hard look at the past and learn from the hard-earned lessons of those who have come long before us. And fortunately, Japan has a rich tradition and culture that makes the seemingly impossible not only possible but also beautiful.

Click Here to Buy Now: $223 $318 (30% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours to go!