The Arm Revolution

Founded in London by Anthony Hayward, ARMREVOLUTION is not so much a brand as a radical movement for change in mens luxury accessories. Its mission: to create the most innovative cufflink brand in the world. Each patent-pending design was conceived to reinvent the way that a French cuff shirt is attached at the wrist so innovative that the company refers to them as arm architecture. Moreover, each product is uniquely-engraved with an identification number which, when registered on the Arm Revolution website, provides access to the Arm Revolution membership and to the exclusive events and gatherings of the movement.

Designer: Anthony Hayward [ Product Page ]


  • TheMilitia says:

    The only way they are worth paying that amount of money ($750!!!) is if they were solid gold, not stainless steel. And the only “innovative design” would be the C-shaped one. I’ve seen closures that are almost identical to the other ones. But I guess someone out there will pay that price…I’ll stick with Tiffanys.

  • 564354 says:

    well sikkk:D

  • Willzville says:

    Wait what? $700 (most of their shiz are in the £350 / $700 range)!!! I agree that innovative design adds plenty of value, but there is no way anyone’s gonna lash out 750 bones for a pair of cufflinks made of solid s. steel, let alone sterling silver.

    Yeah Themilitia is right. I just realized that I’ve seen similar designs by other makes (apart from the C-shaped model). Why don’t they make solid platinum or gold cufflinks?

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