Xylo Living is a flexible and modular furniture platform that doesn’t require any tools

In this day and age when sustainability is critical, we need to be wiser when shopping for the right furniture. There are plenty of affordable options but they’re not always exactly of good quality. Sure, you can easily buy from a store or online but they don’t really last. Most of them use cheap materials and still require assembly which can take a lot of time and energy—but not Xylo Living, a smart modular furniture system that can fit any lifestyle. With only several components and sans the need for any tools or accessories, you can create different types of furniture to meet your needs.

Designer: Xylo Living

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For homeowners or renters who are opting for better quality furnishings, Xylo Living can be a great option. It’s a flexible platform that offers easy-to-assemble and disassemble furniture pieces. The furniture can be made using three component types including Surface Pieces, Side Profile Pieces, and Connecting Slats. Xylo Living allows you to interchange components to make the piece you want. It’s like Lego for adults but with bigger and different pieces. You can assemble the pieces into a table or a chair or whatever it is you can imagine. You don’t even need to bring out your toolbox because the pieces can be easily connected.

The Xylo Living furniture system boasts a modular design. When you’ve finished a chair, you can make more to build a couch. You can also make a side table, center table, dining table, or maybe a TV stand. For people who like to arrange their home layout and decors more frequently, you can turn to Xylo Living as you can quickly transform a piece of furniture into a new one depending on your need and the living space. All the items you’re making, when put together, will then result to a minimal aesthetic and unified look.

The modular system also allows easier storage and transportation apart from the easy transformation advantage. This means when you need to move, you only need to break down the piece into components or a modular level. It’s easy to adjust and configure. For this furniture system, the only limit is your imagination. A Xylo Living Furniture piece can be perfect for smaller rooms and homes. If you’re moving to a dorm room for college, you can invest in the system and bring the pieces again when you move back home or get your own home. Moving to a bigger house? Get some more components and create larger furniture pieces.

The platform offers efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability. It’s definitely a smarter way to do home interiors as there won’t be any waste. Anyone can own this Xylo Living furniture and expect to maximize the purchase as you’re not only getting one piece. You can make more out of the platform and build something that grows with you. Xylo Living is all about flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability. Our use of space must be more efficient now and good thing there are furniture items that can fit or expand. The trend of modular furniture systems seems to be increasing and we can expect more similar platforms will be introduced.

Imagination is a requirement for intuitive creation. With Xylo Living, you can seamlessly make your own furniture as a solution to your personal need. You may never find that perfect furniture for your home but the Xylo Living lets you create a piece that grows with you and fits your style and your life.

Click Here to Buy Now: $750 $1500 (50% off). Exclusive deal for YD readers only. Hurry, less than 48 hours to go!