These MARVEL Superhero 3D-printed headphone stands are equal parts nerdy and downright cool!

I defy you to find a better place to rest your headphones than on the heads of Iron Man or Loki, or even Thanos. If, however, you’re on the market for an incredibly cool headphone stand, the folks at Angled can easily hook you up. Armed with a fleet of 3D printers, the folks at Angled build some of the most incredible pop-culture-inspired headphone holders (and even gaming controller stands). Based out of USA, Angled 3D prints each headphone stand out of PLA to order, and offers a wide selection to choose from. Their Marvel collection is incredibly exhaustive, with possibly every main superhero you could imagine. Their golden Iron Man bust remains a personal favorite, although the Loki head (with his elaborate horned headgear), the Spiderman-Venom head, and even the Black Panther head are truly eye-catching, to say the least! Want something less bulky, Angled even has an Iron Man hand to hold your headphones! (Infinity Gauntlet with Stones not included)

Designer: Angled.XYZ

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Designed to easily become the centerpiece of any geek’s table, these stands are 3D-printed pretty much to scale, and are designed to easily fit most standard headphones (and even VR headsets!)

While the models are all 3D-printed (and you can see the print lines on them too), they’re meticulously detailed too. Angled partners with designers and artists to release new variants and models online. Once an artist’s model gets approved by the Angled team, it makes its way to their store and for every sale, the artist gets a commission.

Some of the models, especially the Thanos and Black Panther ones, are incredibly well detailed, with just the right textures and proportions (the Loki one looks exactly like Tom Hiddleston). While the models all come in a solid single-color print, they can be customized and painted to make them all the more realistic!

Now only if someone made an arc-reactor that could fast-charge my smartphone…

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