This sleek yet grungy electric superbike carries distinct Mad Max meets Batman of the future vibes!

Aerodynamic design, balanced aesthetics, and the beastly persona of this electric superbike are so badass, I want to ride it right now!

The Mad Max franchise has given automotive designers more than one reason to explore the craziness possible with anything on wheels. The outrageous designs fueled by the high octane action are the perfect recipe for the adrenaline rush, and every automotive enthusiast can’t help but long for more. That’s what keeps us all excited here at Yanko Design and no matter how crazy two-wheels we’ve seen in the past, we keep coming back for more.

Right out of the manual of the wild is the Genome electric superbike penned by Amir Shafiee. The moment I laid my eyes on this shining chrome beast, it instantly evoked a sense of traversing into a future where a hunky vigilante looks to take control of things in a world dominated by vandalism and chaos. Of course, that is where the post-apocalyptic influence in my thought process kicks in. I picture this as the perfect mix of comic’s Batman of the Future bike and a modern interpretation of Mad Max Fury Road!

The long wheelbase and a far-off positioned rear wheel will give this concept motorbike an edge at high speeds. The rider’s forward-leaning driving position is a telltale sign of the speedy aesthetics of the Genome. The decal 1250 ZLX on the front swing arm of the bike points towards the futuristic characteristics, all set to revolutionize the powerful electric engines that’ll power two-wheelers. Amir combines the flowing shape of the Genome with protruding dials that convey the current speed, electric reserve, and the power on or off status.

Also, the inclusion of the green stripe on the tires adds to the styling element of the Genome Superbike, and I love the overall balance of design on this one. Most of all, the looks of the superbike instantly urges me to hop on and take it for an extended road trip on a sun-setting landscape by the river. Well done Amir I’ve got to say!

Design: Amir Shafiee