Citroën’s autonomous platform with swappable pods is the future of urban mobility

The burning question for current generation automotive designers is, how will future electric vehicles and their propulsion mechanics be like? Citroën believes it is going to be level 5 autonomy for urban commuting – riding on an omnidirectional electric skateboard platform that can swap the pods/bodies of the vehicle depending on the user’s needs. The result is an intriguing fully autonomous concept by the French automotive giant that seems perfectly in tune with the future.

Citroën says that mobility is a major challenge for future cities, and thus the Autonomous Mobility Vision developed as a part of The Urban Collëctif in partnership between Accor (hospitality company), and JCDecaux (advertising company) is an answer to the upcoming challenge. The skate platform measuring 2.60 meters is fitted with the next-gen Goodyear Eagle 360 ​​wheels and hydraulic cushions for enhanced comfort. It will move in dedicated traffic lanes at a speed of 16 mph, indicating the concept is tailored for urban scenarios.

The main highlight of the open-source platform is the ability to interchange pods in just 10 seconds, making it highly useful for any needs the riders have. This is nothing short of science fiction as the pod attaches and rides on the self-driving skateboard platform to the next destination. For now, The Urban Collëctif has envisioned three different pods for an urban lifestyle with more destined to be added when it finally hits fruition.

Designer: Citroën

JCDecaux City Provider

The JCDecaux City Provider is a shared space for public transport in crowded cities – hence it is a pod made out of robust, weather-resistant material. It is designed keeping in mind accessibility for the disabled. A maximum of five passengers can board the pod at a time and the interior is clad in useful inclusions like USB sockets and interactive screens.

Sofitel En Voyage

This pod is oriented towards the business personnel and professionals for short trips in a luxurious panoramic windowed space clad in French furniture in blood orange velvet tones from floor to ceiling. Up to three people can travel on the Sofitel En Voyage at a time, and there is enough space for bags or luggage. Scrolling LED strip to display the current news, arrival times and real-time weather. While the bar opens up like a flower for drinks and snacks – and the sound system and customizable mood lighting sets the tone.

Pullman Power Fitness

A true reflection of Pullman Hotels & Resorts’ vision for elite fitness, this pod is a gym on the move for busy individuals who want to utilize every minute of their free time. The futuristic interiors on this one have a rowing machine and exercise bike for short training sessions. The system is assisted by a digital coach for a peak fitness routine. For maximum privacy, the windows are tinted and the rhythmic music sets the rider in the groove for prime fitness.