Made from silver and metal alloy, this ergonomic pen surpasses the regular wooden pencil with its ink-less design!

Inspired by ancient writing instruments, ZAI is an inkless pen with a silver point composed of a metal alloy and silver designed by a team at BAH International that hopes to cut the cost burden and environmental impact of conventional wooden pencil production.

Few things are more exciting than unique stationery designs–even fewer are more exciting than an inkless pen. In use since ancient times, silverpoint pens, whose cores are constructed from silver and alloy, have been trusted by scribes, illustrators, and architects alike. Merging its traditional use with a modern, ergonomic build, ZAI is an inkless pen designed by a team at BAH International Co. that aims to reduce the conventional pencil’s cost burden and environmental impact.

The designers at BAH International created the ZAI Pencil to last a lifetime. Even following consistent wear and tear, the silverpoint of ZAI remains sharp with each use. Since a lot of wood is needed to construct conventional wooden pencils, the designers at BAH International hope to reduce the environmental impact of pencil production with ZAI.

Carrying a silverpoint composed of a silver and alloy mixture, users can choose between a colorful aluminum barrel or a rustic wooden one, the only difference being that ZAI’s aluminum barrel is slightly shorter. Compared to conventional wooden pencils and ink pens, ZAI writes and feels just the same for a familiar tactile experience.

Additionally, ZAI only draws and writes on paper surfaces, so it will not bleed through clothes or leak onto your palms while writing. Waterproof by design, ZAI is built for extreme conditions where writing and drawing with traditional instruments might not work.

Reaching a maximum height between 100 and 112mm, ZAI is portable for even the smallest of pockets and features a round barrel for an ergonomic grip. Users can also easily adjust the contrast of ZAI’s imprint by pressing down harder or softer on the piece of paper to reach a writing pressure similar to that of a 2B pencil.

Designer: BAH International Co.

Depending on the pressure applied, like any pen, the contrast of ZAI’s ‘ink’ flow will vary.

Made from silver and alloy metal, ZAI is waterproof by design. 

Users have the choice between a wooden barrel and an aluminum one, the only difference being that the aluminum barrel is slightly shorter.

ZAI pens only write on paper, so they will never bleed through your clothes.

Designed to last a lifetime, ZAI was created to replace wooden pencils.

Silverpoint pens have been trusted by illustrators, painters, architects, and scribes for centuries.

When put on paper, the ‘ink’ of ZAI is waterproof so, rest assured, spills can happen.