Adorable Tape Measure designed to look like a chameleon with an extending tongue is a great example of nature-inspired design

Animated movies have been my escapism since childhood – and Johnny Depp’s masterpiece Rango is the reason I am referring to this chameleon-inspired measuring tape as adorable right now! The chameleon’s camouflaging capability is in focus here too, as this EDC hides the measuring tape in plain sight.

Look at those details!  The huge, bulby eyes, detailed scale texture, the ridges in the back, and the proportion of the overall design makes this a perfect fit for stationery enthusiasts the world over. Adding to the quirkiness of the design, the tongue of the chameleon is a measuring tape that extends up to 2 meters in length. The body of the chameleon measures a tiny 1.9 inches, making it perfect to hang onto your keychain for daily use. The body is made from brass and manganese steel, giving it a nice weight and a solid overall feel to the design.

Speaking of the inspiration, the designer says, “The chameleon is one of the most charming creatures in the animal kingdom. It has survived for hundreds of millions of years under the law of the jungle with two unique techniques, which are color changing and tongue swiping. The chameleon is one of the most controversial characters in human society. The chameleon’s tongue punch is a powerful punch that pushes the limits of known vertebrate muscle capacity. In ancient Greek civilization, it was known as the “Khamaileon” lion of the earth.” Fun facts to impress anyone who questions your choice of stationery!

With nature-inspired design fast becoming a trend, the brass chameleon measuring tape is a collectible you want to get your hands on. And you know, this little lizard will not blend into your surrounding clutter. It is an EDC designed to stand out!

Designer: Coppertist.Wu

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