Sleek & modern e-bikes designed to commute in eco-friendly style + achieve your fitness goals!

In 2021, living more sustainably and consciously should be a priority for all of us, – whether it’s making changes in our daily lives, consumption, or even our means of transportation. Our typical fossil-fuel-consuming means of transportation need to be replaced by greener and more environment-friendly alternatives, and Electric Bicycles are an appealing option! Not only do they curb fuel consumption and reduce automotive emissions, but they’re also a healthy source of exercise for us! I mean, not only do we get to save the Earth from air pollution, but we can also get some intense cardio done. And they’re becoming an increasingly popular option day by day. It’s estimated that by 2023, the total number of electric bicycles in circulation around the world, will be 300 million, which is an exponential increase, from the 200 million back in 2019. It looks like everyone is slowly and steadily hopping onto the e-bicycle bandwagon! And, we’ve curated a whole range of innovative designs for you. From a hubless e-bike that perfectly balances an artist’s brushstroke with a sleek aerodynamic design to an Italian pedal-powered bicycle that looks like a dirt bike – we have a whole collection of sleek, modern, and super cool e-bikes for you!

This e-bike concept from BaoPham Design features centerless wheels that reduce the rotating inertia found in heavier wheels. Equipped with slim road bike tires, BaoPham’s concept e-bike boasts an aerodynamic build that cuts out the extra drag from air pressure and skin friction to give the bike a speedy ride. Conceptualized with a swift, Z-frame, the e-bike concept from BaoPham Design would host an electric motor located in the bike’s rear-wheel rotor that would be activated once the pedals are moved. The Z-frame of BaoPham Design’s e-bike would be constructed entirely from metal or aluminum for a sleek look and swift ride. Additionally, the hubless wheels of BaoPham Design’s e-bike reduce the rotating inertia found in wheels with spokes and a hub.

For the past three years, Lyft has been developing an e-bike that embodies the best in safety technology and low carbon footprint. Now, finally, it sees fruition in the form of this upbeat e-bike. According to Lyft‘s President and Co-Founder John Zimmer Lyft is all about “creating affordable, reliable and joyful transportation experiences – and few things create joy like riding this new e-bike“. The single gear transmission e-bike is built for every kind of rider with improved ergonomics and is pure joy to ride in cities – thanks to the transmission tuning for any kind of speed or road grade. It bears a very sleek form factor perfectly matched to the smooth and adaptive motor integrated into the frame. Keeping in mind the young riders, Lyft’s e-bike comes with personalized features including a built-in speaker system, hydraulic brakes for consistent stopping power, onboard sensors for safety, retroreflective paint to shine in the dark, and lighting effects keeping in mind urban riders demand.

The iF gold award-winning Halfway bicycle solves every commuter’s biggest headache – carrying their cycle on public transit or into buildings. Its unique folding mechanism allows the entire bicycle to pack up into a hand-pulled strolley that you can easily wheel around with you. The bicycle even comes with its own front basket for storing your bag while cycling, and caster wheels on the basket allow the cycle to be rolled around when completely folded! “The term Halfway refers to the folding system of the bicycle – utilizing a single-sided fork and chain-stay which equates to a more compact enclosure size. The auto-lock system provides fewer steps for folding and introduces a new level of safety while riding”, mentions the Chinese design studio and creator behind the Halfway, Giant Co. Ltd.

From the makers of the 3-in-1 minitool also comes the Speedmax, an incredibly capable bike designed to dominate triathlons. By providing more configuration options, optimized aerodynamics, even more, innovative integration solutions, and storage spaces with a more streamlined design, the bike was built to give the triathlete every possible performance advantage. Canyon also worked hand-in-hand with Artefakt, a German-based design studio that played an instrumental role in developing the Speedmax series ever since its debut in 2010.

Called Prototype 0, this velodrome track racing bicycle imagined for speed heads shines out with its unibody design that’s centered on drag reduction and aerodynamic optimization for maximum acceleration with minimum effort. The ultra-slim profile of the Prototype helps in achieving the least possible aerodynamic drag which is great for effortless commuting. The bike is a fixie – a single-speed gear bicycle that is tailored for urban riding for extra degree control. Don’t expect it to be as good for steep ascends or rugged terrain, as it’s purely designed to be a racing demon for smooth tarmac surfaces. The presence of a bigger gear shaft means that the control is going to be the ride’s forte.

The Model B forms a bridge between conventional bicycles and road vehicles, with a design that, like cars, is designed to be safer, more efficient, and less energy-intensive. The Model B’s sleek frame comes with forward, side-facing, and rear proximity and LiDAR sensors that scan the surroundings to create a protective bubble around the rider, alerting them of any obstacle. Each wheel comes with its own dedicated motor, forming the Model B’s dual-drive system. Spokes on the wheels are replaced by shock-absorbers, helping keep your ride smooth. The frame of the e-bike also integrates foldout footrests and handlebars. The handlebars don’t independently rotate, but rather detect force, allowing you to turn by simply applying more force on a particular side. The front wheel turns independently, based on handle force input.

Envisioned as a bicycle that’s designed for everyone, the FORE_Bicycle takes on the format of a scooter, with a minimal U-shaped frame that lets even women ride it while wearing skirts. The bike comes with a nude silver aesthetic that feels natural and allows it to easily blend into environments and boasts of a unique chainless format that makes it easier to maintain. The chainless design also eliminates the stress of getting grease on your clothes, or worse, getting your clothes caught in the chainlinks. By adopting this new foolproof format, the FORE_Bicycle improves the cycling experience, making it safer and much more hassle-free for everyone who rides it!

While on the first impression you might mistake (anyone would) this for a powerful electric bike ready to take on any terrain – it in reality is something more subtle. Yes, this is in reality a pedal-powered electric bicycle dubbed ‘Carbon’, crafted at Moto Parilla, an Italian automotive designer house. Meant to traverse any rough terrain with electric motor-assisted power when needed, the pedal-powered bicycle comes with the reassurance of fat wheels for superior grip. The wheels are perfectly synced with the equally big oversized disc brakes and the hydraulic brakes. The composite carbon fiber and aluminum body further gives the bike a very modern appeal for new-age rider’s delight. Not to mention the toughness, agility, and durability the material brings to the ride. Add to the mix ultra-high-end shock absorbers and the girder suspension fork on the front, and the rider can take it to places with prime confidence.

Cheolhee Lee, Dahae Lee, and Hyewon Park designed GEO based on the geometry of a typical bicycle. Looking at GEO head-on, three circles catch the eye – the bike’s two wheels and round middle area that doubles as a storage unit and might also contain the e-bike’s power supply. The e-bike’s center circle manages to store a lot of the magic. Narrow in width for smooth pedaling, the center storage unit is completely detachable so riders can easily pack a lunch and bring an extra bathing suit for rides to the beach on those summer Fridays. Adding to the bike’s slender body, its dual-spoke wheels and sparse tubing give the frame a casual and approachable feel.

The Cercle’s frame is designed to perform everything from sitting, cooking, working, resting, or even sleeping. So, this two-wheeled paradise is all you need to be classified as a crazy 21st-century nomad who’s leaving virtually no carbon footprint during their solo exploration. If you notice closely, the circular frame of the bicycle holds the foldable day bed stands in the middle. The frame can be oriented for multiple functionalities – for example, for sleeping in the nighttime or as a chair for a comfortable working position or lounger in a picturesque location. Consequently, when it is time to hit the road, the lounge stand folds up to become a part of the bicycle frame for hassle-free pedaling.