Lyft redesign’s its e-bicycle, adding speakers, screen and improved safety features!

Back in 2018, Lyft bought CitiBike’s parent company “Motivate”, and they’ve been operating bike-sharing networks in the US ever since. Their big fleet includes traditional as well as electric pedal-assisted rides. Being the largest ebike operator in North America, Lyft used their tons of experience about how riders use the ebikes to come up with one of their own. For the past three years, Lyft has been developing an ebike that embodies the best in safety technology and low carbon footprint. Now, finally, it sees fruition in the form of this upbeat ebike.

According to Lyft‘s President and Co-Founder John Zimmer Lyft is all about “creating affordable, reliable and joyful transportation experiences – and few things create joy like riding this new ebike“. The single gear transmission ebike is built for every kind of rider with improved ergonomics and is pure joy to ride in cities – thanks to the transmission tuning for any kind of speed or road grade. It bears a very sleek form factor perfectly matched to the smooth and adaptive motor integrated into the frame. Keeping in mind the young riders, Lyft’s ebike comes with personalized features including a built-in speaker system, hydraulic brakes for consistent stopping power, on-board sensors for safety, retroreflective paint to shine in the dark and lighting effects keeping in mind urban riders demand.

The ebike now has an improved seat clamp for height adjustment to accommodate any user. The battery capacity has been bumped up to 60 miles on a single charge – thereby requiring less frequent charging. Lyft has tested the ride for thousands of hours and is going to start the public beta on the Bay Wheels fleet launching next week. Once the beta testing is successful, the ebike will be ready for the eager riders in the US – starting with the Divvy program in Chicago, later this year.

Designer: Lyft