This ingenious bike holds a fold out chair + day bed to be your home on wheels for outdoor adventures!

We all want to drive off into the sunset until the realities of life interfere. We’ve featured some great designs that focus on allowing us to travel and stay on the road – the portable treehouse towed with a bicycle is an excellent example of it. We get you another innovative solution from the same genre – meet the Cercle, a transformable bicycle designed by Bernhard Sobotta, that is ready for all your road adventures with minimalism at the core. It’s like the cozy feeling of being home no matter wherever you pedal to on the face of this planet. The crazy idea struck Bernhard when in the summer of 2019, he was sitting in his shared kitchen and wondered how he could combine a hammock with a bike frame. He did so by combining a fold-out aluminum day bed frame and the bike frame, bringing Cercle to life!

The Cercle’s frame is designed to perform everything from sitting, cooking, working, resting, or even sleeping. So, this two-wheeled paradise is all you need to be classified as a crazy 21st-century nomad who’s leaving virtually no carbon footprint during their solo exploration. If you notice closely, the circular frame of the bicycle holds the foldable day bed stands in the middle. The frame can be oriented for multiple functionalities – for example, for sleeping in the nighttime or as a chair for a comfortable working position or lounger in a picturesque location. Consequently, when it is time to hit the road, the lounge stand folds up to become a part of the bicycle frame for hassle-free pedaling.

Best of all, you can pitch a one-person tent around the bicycle frame for protection against the elements and nighttime cold weather. Finally, on the front and the rear of the bicycle, you can mount all your essentials in small backpacks for an adventurous bike tour like none other. Now there is no one to stop you from riding into that sunset in a healthy, eco-friendly way!

Designer: Bernhard Sobotta