If the Cybertruck and the Batmobile ever had a love-child, this would be it.

Bulletproof, sledgehammer proof, enough torque to pull another car uphill, and faster acceleration than one of the fastest coupés in the world. To a layperson, that would sound like the feature list of a Batmobile, would it not?

I’ve honestly wondered what the Cybertruck design language would look like on other sorts of cars, and Khyzyl Saleem’s newest concoction seems to answer that burning question. Saleem’s redesigned Cybertruck assumes more of a low-slung racecar format, with wheels that are just as useful off-road as they are on the tarmac. All in all, Saleem’s redesign looks like the kind of vehicle I’d see Master Wayne sitting in, although it DOES lack that signature all-black paint job.

The redesigned Cybertruck assumes the avatar of an off-road roadster, although it retains the Tesla vehicle’s edgy bodywork. The lack of a truck-bed at the back allows the car to be slightly smaller, while the absence of a roof is made even more noticeable with the presence of a rear-windscreen. The car even comes mounted with fog-lights on the back, which seem to complement the vehicle’s massive wheels… I guess this Cyber-roadster is made for dealing with any sort of road conditions. Extra points if you noticed the hidden pair of rear-wheels, visible from the back.

Designer: Khyzyl Saleem