The Top 10 men’s lifestyle products of 2021 that are must-have essentials for all gentleman!

A gentleman is defined by the products he carries on himself and uses, which are an extension of his own personal style. These little belongings add to his aura, charisma, and of course, incorporate value and functionality into his daily life. Hence striking a unique balance between functionality and style is extremely important – especially when it comes to men’s lifestyle designs. And we do believe we may have found a collection of product designs that harmoniously capture this balance! From a portable shaver with ceramic blades to give you the perfect clean shave to a luxury timepiece made almost entirely from sapphire crystal – this collection of designs are essential must-haves for all the gentlemen out there. They promise to up your style quotient while helping you take better care of yourself and carry out your daily tasks with much more ease.

Deemed the Erazor, this portable shaver promises to do everything its name signifies! It was designed to erase the stubble right off your face. It’s supposed to be the first shaver amped with ceramic blades! This portable grooming device comes in a nifty and compact form, making it extremely easy to carry around with you, but also super comfortable to use. The unique ceramic blades neatly and swiftly trim down your pesky stubble, leaving you with a completely clean shave, without hurting you or causing any razor burns! These ceramic blades are a wonderful addition to the shaver, as traditional shavers are usually equipped with metal blades, which are coated with DLC for sharpness. But over time the coating wears off, leaving the blades dull and prone to nicking you. Erazor’s innovative blades are created from Zirconium Oxide, a material whose durability is second to only diamonds. Pretty cool, no?

A Parisian watchmaker called Abraham-Louis Breguet invented the Tourbillon almost 200 years ago, little did he know it would become one of the most luxurious and premium additions that could be made to a watch in the 21st century. However Japan-based watchmakers ZEROOTIME are creating their own economical and affordable Skeleton Tourbillon Watches. Their 2021 series is called ‘The Archer’, and it comes in two styles – the T1 Archer which has been equipped with a circular body, and the T2 Square which features a square body. Both watches boast of an elegantly bare skeleton design that lets you see the artistry underneath the dial. The watches showcase the tourbillons at the 9 o’clock position (which is rather rare, given most watches prefer to put it at the 6 o’clock position) and have double-springs located at 1 o’clock and 5 o’clock positions, giving the watch a power reserve of 72 hours.

The Seeon 180° backpack is easily the most advanced bag I’ve ever seen. The fact that it carries your luggage from point A to point B is an incredibly small part of what the Seeon 180° backpack does, but an incredibly important one too. You could be a businessman carrying important documents, a woman with her valuables, or just someone unluckily venturing through a shady neighborhood. Seeon 180° has its own surveillance system to keep an eye on people approaching you from behind, a motion sensor that can detect objects or people moving towards you, an alarm system that activates in emergency situations during altercations, assaults, or muggings, and a GPS tracking device that can send your location (or your bag’s location) to an emergency contact list in case of an emergency. The bag even has solar panels and a built-in power bank to allow these features to operate, as well as to charge your gadgets

The Bellroy Mod Case features a stunning non-slip eco-tanned leather exterior that perfectly clads and protects your iPhone, while also making it look aesthetically pleasing. The case is accompanied by a snap-on card wallet that can hold 3 cards in one go. The Mod Case has been designed to work with the MagSafe feature found on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. A flex polymer bumper and a microfiber-lined inner pair up together to completely protect your phone and cards from scratches. Unlike Apple’s MagSafe accessories which tend to slide around, once snapped into place, the Mod Wallet does not move around at all. This is due to two anti-slide grooves that ensure your cards are always safe and secure, no matter where you place your phone!

The Spotify x Reebok Zig Kinetica Ultrasounds Collection features three super cool sneakers (each inspired by the city of Atlanta, Houston, and New York), each one printed with a Spotify barcode that can be scanned using a smartphone, allowing you to access a playlist inspired by one of the aforementioned cities! You can listen to each cities’ unique style of music on the Spotify app. The three styles of the collection include New York Minute – a black upper with the colorful midsole, the lemony Atlanta Lemon Pepper, and the grape punch-style Houston Candy Paint. These stunning sneakers not only celebrate the beauty and culture of these cities but also transports you to them, allowing you to immerse into them, without even entering them!

Playing on the concept of a skeleton watch (where the watch’s inner mechanisms are exposed instead of being concealed behind opaque materials), the BR 01 Cyber Skull Sapphire comes with a proper skeleton motif on its watch face. Staying true, however, to the idea of a skeletal watch, the skeleton motif is made from sapphire (with a tinted orange back), as is the rest of the watch’s body. In fact, probably the only things that aren’t made from sapphire are the hands, mechanism, screws, and watch straps. Every element that’s either decorative or is a part of the watch’s casing, is made from sapphire crystal, making the BR 01 Cyber Skull Sapphire look like a jewel on your wrist.

The Tool Ring is a nifty EDC that you slip onto your fingers, and instantly gain all sorts of superpowers – from opening bottles to tightening screws, and even signing documents! Built from Titanium, you can fit a whole set of hex-bits into the Tool Ring (they come along with it). These hex-bits include a Philips-head screwdriver, a ballpoint pen, a box-cutter, and a flashlight. Three hexagonal slots in the ring allow you to slide the various hex-bits into it, enabling you to use the instrument of your choice! The top slot offers the most functionality, allowing you to do things like twist screws, point the flashlight, or even cut open boxes with a fair deal of dexterity. The Tool Ring is an amazing piece of EDC, incorporated into the form of jewelry, allowing you to utilize a variety of tools, without having to handle the actual instruments. How cool is that?

If you have a pair of pants that you completely adore, but can never wear because they almost always slip off your waist, then worry not, Bucqle is here to the rescue! It’s a metal buckle that clips around the waist-rim of your pants and tightens it by as much as 2 inches. The Bucqle’s radical redesign isn’t just different, it’s exceptionally better. The Bucqle slips right into your pant and clamps shut, showing up as just a minimal-looking silver bar right above your pants. It works equally well with formal pants as it does with shorts, skirts, and even pajamas if you’re determined.

It’s safe to say that the DUPLEX bags bring a rather new definition to the term ‘expansion packs’! With their unique shape-shifting design, DUPLEX’s bags can go from compact to spacious in roughly 5 seconds, covering a wide variety of use-cases. Maybe on some days you need a tiny shoulder-sling, on other days you need a backpack, and on some special days, you could use a duffle bag. Well, DUPLEX’s design was made to cover just that, with the way it’s built. The bags are designed in a way that they tuck into themselves, transforming into a new type of bag altogether. This essentially means you’ve got two types of bags in one single design, and that no matter what your needs are, the DUPLEX’s versatile build has you covered.

The Copper Clean Wallet comes with a slick, highly polished exterior, and a spacious interior that holds over 10 cards and 10+ notes without expanding in thickness like a leather wallet. It’s about as thick as an AirPods case, making it perfectly pocket-friendly, and aside from being able to self-disinfect, it blocks RFID too, keeping you safe from digital theft. A simple metal clasp keeps the wallet compact and shut, allowing you to pop it open when you need it, and the inside of the wallet is equipped with a bellow-shaped pocket system that fans open when you pop open the wallet, letting you easily access your cards and cash when you need them. The wallet lasts longer than traditional flexible bi-folds, and never really needs any maintaining, because it automatically cleans itself!