Reebok +Spotify release unique sneakers and playlists to reflect the vibe of your favorite city!

How much of a music buff you are is not going to be determined by the fashionable pair of earphones you wear on the next stroll down the street but by the pair of shoes on your feet! Well, this isn’t the future yet, but surely a silhouette collection from Reebok makes it possible. This is the Spotify x Reebok Zig Kinetica Ultrasounds Collection – inspired by the artistic reputation and unsurmountable energy of the cities of Atlanta, Houston and New York.

The limited-edition Zig Kinetica Ultrasounds Collection comprises a trio of sneakers, each printed with a Spotify code that can be scanned using a smartphone to access the city-inspired playlist (distinctive styles of music that symbolize these cities) on the music streaming app. With seamless mesh upper, energized Floatride Fuel cushioning, and city-specific musical flavor – these Zigs are more than an ordinary pair of sneakers. The three styles of the collection include New York Minute – a black upper with the colorful midsole, the lemony Atlanta Lemon Pepper and the grape punch-style Houston Candy Paint. If you have ties to the city, you know the pair you want but if you’ve all to choose from – go for the pair that you’d want to be seen flaunting on the sidewalk.

According to Matt Hagerty, Reebok product manager, the shoes doesn’t just celebrate the beautiful city subcultures through design, these create an immersive experience to enjoy every time you put them on. “Working with Spotify really took this concept to the next level”, Matt added. The Zig Kinetica Ultrasounds in unisex sizing are currently available through for $120 a pair in limited numbers, so what are you waiting for!

Designer: Reebok